Get Priceline Military Discounts On Hotel, Flights, Car Rental, Cruise[2022]

Are you an active military personnel or a veteran? Save upto 50% off on Hotel stay with Priceline!!

    How to get Priceline Military Discount?

    If you are looking for an option to get Military discount on Priceline website, you will have to scroll down at the footer and select Military Members and Veterans Site

    This link will take you to a different website i.e, here you can see the Priceline brand that supports this website.

    Priceline military discount

    Based on your need, select Hotel, Car Rental, Flights, Cruise and hit the search button.

    Here you will have to Verify your eligibility by entering few mandatory information as per screen below:
    Priceline Military Discount

    Who are eligible for Military Discount on Priceline?

    Military discount eligibility

    American Forces Travel, powered by Priceline, supports all :
    1. Active military duty, 
    2. Members of Reserve and National Guard
    3. Coast Guard
    4. NOAA members
    5. USPHS members
    6. Medal of Honor recipient
    7. Eligible Family Members
    8. Full time American Red Cross 
    Note: Plz. visit American Forces Travel website for detailed list.

    You may also want to check out  for more military discount options. Watch this video from Military Travel Exchange,


    As a mark of respect for the service done by Military (both active and veterans) , Priceline and many other companies give some additional discounts on their travel.

    Hope you liked this post on How To Get Priceline Military Discount.

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