How To Find Cheap Flights Using Skyscanner Whole Month[2022]

Skyscanner provides this awesome feature where instead of entering specific dates, you can select the whole month for your to and fro journey and Skyscanner will display the airfares for the whole month for you to take a decision!

This hack is present on the calendar view and it displays a 13months view for you to select as compared with Google flights that give 6 months view only!!

Do read the full Skyscanner review to know all the features and hacks of this flight search engine.

    Where To Find Skyscanner Whole Month View?

    Skyscanner Whole Month view is an additional tab on the calendar view. Using this view, you can select the whole month as your travel date and view the cheapest flights in that month.

    Skyscanner brands this hack as "Cheapest Month". Alternatively, this hack is also called a Calender view and Skyscanner cheap calendar hack.

    skyscanner whole month

    Click To Find Cheap Flights On Skyscanner

    How To Use Skyscanner Whole Month Hack?

    The whole month feature is very easy to use, just follow these simple steps:

    1. Browse to Skyscanner Flights
    2. Enter your Origin and Destination cities,
    3. Now, instead of selecting specific dates, click on the whole month tab on the calendar.
    4. You can select different months for your Onward and return journey and Hit the search button.
    5. The calendar will display the cheapest flight fare, select the dates and click on "Find Flights".
    The Gif below gives a quick view of selecting cheap flight dates from the Whole Month calendar view.

    sky scanner cheapest month

    Go ahead and book the flight with the provider.

    How is Skyscanner Whole Month different from Google Flights Calendar view?

    The basic approach from both the flight search engine is the same i.e to give you a holistic view so that you can decide on your travel dates. 


    1. Does Skyscanner whole month have the cheapest flight tickets?

    Its recommended to search in multiple flight booking sites and select the cheapest flights. The whole month do give you a single window view of the rates across the month, it may or may not be the cheapest when compared with other tools.


    Skyscanner's whole month hack gives the flexibility of selecting dates where the flights are the cheapest. This is really a helpful tool if you are bit flexible on your travel dates.