How To Use Google Flights Calendar To Find Cheap Airfare[2022]

Fed-up with all the fancy tips and tricks to get cheap flights? Well, Google Flights Calendar is just the tool for you. Very simple to use and very effective.

To find cheap flights using Google airfare Calendar, key-in your origin and destination cities/countries and click on the Calendar to select dates of travel.

Google Flights Calendar gives you instant access to the estimated airfare. Just click on the arrow beside the calendar and scroll to next months and look for the dates in green.

The green one's are the cheapest flights, go ahead with the booking!

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Cheap Flights Calendar

      How to find cheap flights using Google Flights Calendar?

      The no frill, easy to use tool from Google flights i.e Calendar view is the earliest where you can see the airfare between the places you have selected.

      The cheapest airfare is displayed in green and expensive one in red. The average fare is just grey.

      The Gif below gives you a quick insight on how to select cheap flight using Google Flight Calendar.

      Google Flights Calendar

      Does Low Fare Calendar always give the cheapest airfare?

      All the tools have some specific days when flight tickets are cheapest, depending on which day you book on Google Flights, you may find the cheapest flight ticket.

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      How many months in advance flight fares are available on Google Flights Calendar view?

      Hmm.. on other options like Google search anywhere, its restricted to 6months but on Calendar view, you can actually go well beyond 6 months.

      But logically speaking, how many months in advance do you actually want to book you flight? I never went more than 3-4 months in advance.

      Can I freeze the airfare on Google Flights?

      No, you cannot freeze airfare on flights by Google as its a flight search engine and this facility will be available in case its offered by the ticket provider with whom you actually book the flight.

      How to add flight to Google Calendar?

      You can add your flight booking to Google Calendar and set a reminder as well.

      You will receive your flight confirmation email on the Gmail id you entered. On the right hand side of Gmail, click on Calendar icon.

      It will open up your Calendar defaulting to the view you have set.
      As per your flight schedule, you may want to setup an event couple of hours ahead of the flight so that you get enough time to reach airport.

      Click on the time slot and it will pop up a ribbon prefilled with the subject of the email as heading.

      You can add guest and few other stuff along with setting notification.
      Just scroll down, you will see Add notification link.

      Set a notification and you are all set!!

      How do I view my Calendar on Google Flights?

      The dates in Google flights are displayed in Calendar format. As soon as you type your city of travel, destination and click on date, calendar become visible showing 2months airfares for the Origin Destination pair you entered.

      How do I get Google Flights to show prices on my calendar?

      By default Google flights show prices on calendar if you have selected both, the place of departure and place of arrival.

      The other scenario where my calendar does not show price is when you have selected a date way far in the future!!


      Google flights calendar is really very simple and useful tool. You can plan your travel just by looking at the airfare displayed in Green!

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