Best Travel Credit Cards In 2022

Travel credit cards are one of the best ways to save money while traveling.

The best travel credit card is the one that suits your need, it may be that of points that can be redeemed for travel booking, or to cash or get you extra points per dollar spent.

With so many travel credit cards and other types of credit cards, its not easy to find the one that gives most benefit.

Keep on reading to find which credit card is best for your needs...

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    How Travel credit card saves money?

    Credit cards and in particular Travel Credit cards give points when ever the cards are used.

    Over the period of time, these accumulated card points can be redeemed against flight tickets or hotel room bookings.

    Best Travel Credit Cards 2022

    The credit cards that has no or minimum subscription fee and gives the best rewards makes this list.
    Credit Card Annual Fees Benefit
    Chase Sapphire Preferred Card $95 1-5x rewards points,Free 60,000 point
    Bank Of America Travel Rewards Card NA 1.5x points, 25,000 Free points
    Capital One Venture Rewards Card $95 2-5x points, Free 75,000 points
    Priceline Rewards Card NA 1-5x points, $150 statement credit

    Best Travel Credit Card Rewards

    The best rewards anyone can get from travel card is free Hotel stay or Free flight tickets.

    Next best rewards could be free breakfast at Hotels, free snacks at flights.

    Free upgrades is the third best reward in my list. 

    Best Travel Credit Card For Points

    Credit cards give points on every purchase you make, let it be travel related or otherwise.

    Travel credit cards give additional points if its used for travel related purchase like Flight ticket booking or hotel room booking or car rental.

    Capital One Venture Rewards card gives most points.

    Best Travel Credit Card with no annual fee

    To get the best of both the world i.e maximum points and no annual fee, Bank Of America Travel Credit card tops the list.

    You can encash these points as well!

    Best Travel Credit Card International

    International travel is different than domestic travel as on using credit card at a foreign location attracts additional charges.

    These charges could be anywhere between 1-3%!

    Chase Sapphire Preferred card has no international transaction fee!

    Best Travel Credit Card Insurance

    Travels can be tricky, you may plan it months in advance but may have to cancel at last moment!

    While traveling, airlines may misplace or damage your luggage.

    In spite of all the efforts, you may miss the flight!

    All these means lost money, right?


    With Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you can get insurance against these mis-happenings!

    Best Travel Credit Card For Beginners

    Beginners should begin with a free credit card. Not worrying about the annual fee will definitely work in their favor.

    Bank Of America Travel Credit card along with The Chase Freedom Unlimited cards are among the best to start with.

    Every purchase earns you points that can  be redeemed either in purchasing travel or cash back! 

    Best Travel Credit Card with lounge access

    If you are a frequent traveler, the best credit card for you may well be AMEX  Platinum card. The high annual fee is a bit bummer else this is the best any card can provide.


    Traveling is fun and costly, by using travel credit card wisely, you can add more to the fun with free hotel stay or upgraded status!

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