5 Best Hotel Deals That Will Save You Money In 2022

Here are the best Deals you will ever find to save money on your stay while traveling.

Using these deals you will be able to save 20%-60% on your stay.

In short, if you want to save $$ while traveling, you will love this post.

Let's get started...

When to select which deal?

With so many deals floating around, you may get confused which one to go with, I do.

Here is my take, hope it will help you make quick decision.

# Deal Name When To Use Get Deal
1 Vacation Home You are traveling with more than 4 or want some place only for yourself Get Deal
2 Priceline Tools Traveling with 2 members or you want hotel/motel stay only Get Detail
3 Sky Scanner You want to look for best deals on a Hotel search engine Get Detail
4 Extended Stay America You want the best of House and Hotel i.e own kitchen and/or long stay Get Deal
5 OYO rooms You are open to hotel or house and don't want surprises on quality of stay Get Deal
6 Bonus Deal Want secret deals? Get Deal

Need more details about the deals before booking, here are the details that will give you confidence with your booking.

1. Save Money with Vacation Homes

I have saved some money on my stay by opting to stay at Vacation home rather than in Hotel.

Vacation homes are cheaper as its maintenance cost is not as high as that of Hotels.

Secondly, you get full home, so this turns out to be very economical for the group.

This is also best for people who want to interact with the locals of that area.

A big advantage is you get access to the kitchen, hence you can save on your food bills.

More than food bills, its very helpful for people who eat only very specific kind of food. 

Get Deal On vacation Home

2. Make Use of Priceline Tools

You can use money saving tools by Priceline like Tonight Only Deal, Pricebreaker and Express deals to find the best rates in Hotel Room Booking.

These deals are bit peculiar but they do save money. These are the best tools from Priceline since it stopped Hotel bidding option.

3. Check out on aggregators not known for Hotel Bookings

You will be surprised to find great hotel room rates on Skyscanner!

Skyscanner is largely known as flight search engine but it also have hotel search facility.

Just a point to remember is that Skyscanner will direct you to the provider and all the bookings will be taken care by the provider and not skyscanner.

4. Extended Stay America

This one is a mix of advantages of Hotel stay and Home stay (you get your personal fully functional kitchen!)

In case you are looking for long stay or are very specific about the food you eat, Extended stay is the best for you & your family.

I personally prefer extended stay as it has ample parking space, clean rooms with kitchen and utensils.

Get Deal On Extended Stay

5. OYO Hotels & Rooms

You can not go wrong with OYO rooms. Its known for its consistency in providing a certain level of comfort without bumping up the cost of your stay.

Oyo certifies hotels guarantee you a minimum service and safety, its better than selecting any random hotel and pray that its clean and safe!

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Here is a bonus deal

Hotels.Com secret Price

Hotels.com do not reveal its secret deals to aggregator web sites, its exclusively for their own account holders.

Creating account with Hotel.com is easy and free!! Either enter your details or simply log-in using your Facebook or Apple accounts.

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There are lots of deals floating around, you just need to look for it.

Yes, its time consuming...may be that is why some wise person said "Time Is Money"

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