Toy Train Matheran Timings| Is Matheran Open Now?[2022]

Latest Matheran restriction News:

The mini train between Aman lodge and Matheran is still operational for now but many of the tourist spots in Matheran have been closed, it includes places like Charlotte Lake, Alexander Point, Rambag point, Big Chowk Point, One tree hill point, Eco point, Sunset point and few more.

Matheran is a mini hill station near Mumbai. It's a beautiful place apt for 1-3 days trip.

Its the only hill station in Asia where automobiles are not allowed!

Administration is toying with the idea of starting e-rickshaws in Matheran as pilot program to see the feasibility.

The image below will give you an idea about Matheran from Neral.

Courtesy: irctc help

There are many way to reach Matheran and may cheap options to stay in case you want to spend more than one day.

    How to reach Matheran?

    Mumbai to Matheran: You can board a Karjat bound local train and get down at Neral local train station. 

    Note: Do not confuse between Neral and Nerul. Both are local train station in Mumbai but Neral is in Central line i.e trains going towards Karjat will take you to Neral.

    On the other hand, Nerul is in Harbour line and trains going towards Panvel will take you 

    Pune to Matheran: You can take any Mumbai bound long distance train and get down at Karjat.

    From Karjat, take a local train towards Mumbai and get down at Nearl.

    Toy train from Neral is not in service now as railways are constructing a robust rail track. This work is expected to be completed by November 2022. 

    This will be the concrete slabs that will help prevent damage of rail tracks due to heavy rains.

    This construction work is expected to be finished by end of the next year.

    Once the service starts, you may find better frequency but as of the old timetable, following were the train timings

    Toy train Matheran Timings

    Neral Matheran route is not operational till Nov 2022.

    Matheran to Neral train time:

    courtesy: MatheranOnline

    Neral To Matheran train time:

    courtesy: MatheranOnline

    You can take a cab right from Neral station, it will cost you around Rs.100/ per person.

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    Matheran on Bike

    If you are going on bike, its going to be lot of work on your bike engine!!

    Make sure your bike is in good shape before attempting this route.

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    Matheran on your own car

    Do not attempt to drive unless you are an experienced driver. It will be a slow ride, most of the time you will be driving on 1st gear.

    Either way vehicles are not allowed beyond Dasturi Naka. 

    Matheran Pay and Park

    Pay and Park is available and the parking lot is very spacious.

    You will have to pay for parking your vehicle. The charge is Rs.30/- for vehicle and Rs.50/- as environment charge.

    One day is from 8AM to 8AM, in case you are not able to drive off on time, you will have to pay Rs.30/- extra.

    There you will have to buy entry tickets, You have options of either walking till Matheran or take toy train or horse.

    If you opt for toy train, walk till Aman Lodge station. Its a toy train station and the train is in operation from Aman lodge to Matheran.

    How far is Matheran from Pune?

    Matheran is approx. 120km from Pune.

    How far is Matheran from Mumbai?

    Matheran is approx. 83km from Mumbai.

    Neral Matheran Ropeway

    The Neral Matheran Ropeway will become one of the tourist attractions apart from the beautiful Matheran itself.

    The ropeway will have 18 towers and 25-30 cars with a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour.

    Matheran Entry fees

    Every one entering Matheran irrespective of the mode of travel will have to buy entry tickets.

    The fees helps maintain the hill station.
    For adults, ticket is Rs.50 and for Childs its Rs.35/-

    Where to stay at Matheran?

    Matheran local's rent out their house to tourists at pretty cheap rates, you can try these house.

    Else there are many hotel stay also available there.

    The hotel rate's are seasonal, during December to February you can expect higher rates.

    Better book hotel in advance else you may face some challenges during peak season.

    Food options in Matheran

    You can either ask the local's to prepare food for you or otherwise you can check out various eating place at Matheran Market.

    Distance between Neral to Matheran

    From Neral to Matheran, the distance is approx. 20km and the train ride is around two and half hour.

    Neral to Matheran Trek

    You can also trek from Neral to Matheran. One of the best trek is to reach Neral station late in the night (trekkers take last train to karjat and get down at Neral). 

    Dodhani village near Neral station is the point from where you start your trek.

    If you trek just after monsoon season, you may find many tiny water falls on the way!

    Carry some snacks, the night trek will be very comfortable. It may take anywhere around 3-5hrs to reach the Matheran entry point.

    It's a good trek and if its a full moon night, nothing like it.

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    Matheran toy train timings

    Presently Toy train service from Neral to Matheran is stopped.

    The first toy train starts from Neral at 640Am and last train is at 5pm.

    Till noon there is a toy train every one and half hour, after 12 the only train available is at 5pm.

    Matheran toy train booking

    Toy ticket counter opens 45 min before the train's arrival time. There is no option of buying the ticket online.

    The capacity of train is limited (60 seats), so if you do not get a seat you will have to wait for another 1hr in the queue or walk/take a horse.
    Class  Aman Lodge-Matheran Adult/Kid Neral -Matheran Adult/Kid   Seats
    AC Coach   Rs.415/    16  
    First Class  300/180  300/180    16 
    Second Class  45/30  75/45   60 

    Each person can carry 5kg/7.5kg luggage in 2nd/1st class.

    Only 4 tickets per person is issued, so if you need more tickets, ensure enough people are in queue.

    Matheran Toy train News:

    Matheran toy train to run all 200kms from next year.
    Central Railways procured special concrete sleepers to overhaul the track for the first time in 100 years.

    The tracks were damaged during 2019 rains.

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    Places To Visit in Matheran

    Matheran is such a scenic beauty all over, still there are few spots or points that tourists love to visit:

    Things to do in Matheran

    1. Matheran Echo Point:

    As the name suggests, you shout at it and it will shout back to you!

    2. Matheran Charlotte Lake:

    This beautiful lake is near to the Echo point. You can carry your snacks and enjoy at lake side.

    3. Matheran Shivaji's ladder:

    The steep and slippery ladder could be too much for few, attempt this only if you are dressed appropriately i.e no loose cloths and good grip shoes.

    4. Matheran Monkey's  point:

    Kids enjoy this, with so many monkeys around be careful with your snacks, better don't bring it at all to this point!

    5. Matheran One Tree Hill point:

    As the name suggests, the hill has only one tree amidst all the greenery.

    You can explore many other places, the area is well marked with signs to help the tourists.

    Matheran Horse ride package

    If you don't want to walk a lot, you can book a horse ride package.

    They will show you 9-10 points, it will be covered over the day.

    Cost of this package is Rs.1200/ +

    Is Matheran safe during nights?

    Yes, since tourism is the main source of income, you can have a sense of safety and locals are very helpful as well.

    Night trek is very pleasant as well.

    Things to remember for Matheran Trip

    1. During rainy season, the place will be very slippery.
    2. Beware of Monkeys while carrying snacks
    3. Mobile signal is one thing you will not find here
    4. Be prepared to walk a lot, so wear comfortable shoes and dress.

    Matheran FAQ's:

    1. Can I book Matheran toy train tickets online?

    No, presently online tickets to Matheran are not available.

    2. Is Matheran toy train/mini train working now?

    Matheran toy train is not running from Neral to Matheran, its operational only between Aman Lodge and Matheran.

    3. What is Matheran toy train ticket price?

    The toy train price between Aman lodge and Matheran is Rs.45/ and Rs.30/ for adults and Kids for 2nd class, single journey.

    For first class, you will have to shell out Rs.305 for adults and Rs.180 for child.

    The train journey is around 20 minutes.

    4. How to book Matheran toy train?

    Matheran toy train tickets are available only over the counter.

    5. What is the best time to visit Matheran?

    Matheran is on top of the mountain and no vehicles are allowed inside. This makes this hill station an attraction through out the year.

    If you don't mind dirt road and getting all muddy, you will enjoy monsoon else avoid it.

    Otherwise November to February is a good season to visit Matheran.

    6. What does Matheran mean?

    Matheran means "Forest On Forehead" (of the mountain)

    7. Is Matheran open now?

    Yes, Matheran is normally open all year unless there are restrictions imposed by Government due to Covid or any natural disaster.

    8. Can we go to Matheran by car?

    Yes, you can go to Matheran by car. You will have to leave the car at the entrance of Matherran as vehicles are not allowed in Matheran.

    There is a huge parking lot, you can park ouside and either walk or hire horse to visit points at Matheran.

    9. How to reach Matheran from Mumbai Airport ?

    Once you land in Mumbai, you can book a cab to Matheran.

    You can also reach the nearest local train station (Kurla or Kanjurmarg) and take a local train towards Karjat and get down at Neral.

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