Guide To Online Mumbai Local Train Monthly Pass And Train Ticket Booking [2022]

Online Mumbai Local Train Monthly Pass and ticket facility re-started from 24th November 2021

After Maharashtra government announced that vaccination is no longer needed for Local train travel, the queue outside the ticket counters are getting longer and longer.

You can save at least 30min to 1hr by booking/renewing your local train pass/ticket online.

Tourist spots near suburban stations

    Mumbai local Train Monthly Pass Online

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    Remember that this app no longer validates the vaccination status based on your mobile number.

    Note: Now a days ticket counter staff is not asking for vaccination proof, so you can get these easily from the ticket window, even for kids.

    You can book more than one ticket at a time.

    Now you can book more than one ticket as vaccination verification has been done away with.

    To book Mumbai local tickets online, follow these steps:

    Downlaod UTS App on mobile

    You can download UTS app from PlayStore/AppStore. Remember to check the logo (as below) to avoid downloading useless apps that look similar.

    Mumbai Local Train Monthly Pass Online
    image courtesy: Google Play

    In case you are not able to find the correct app, you can download it from IRCTC mobile app home screen as well.

    You can scan QR code from any of the local train station and download the app.

    Create account in UTS

    You will have to register/ create account on this app. It will ask you few basic questions and will create your account.

    Your mobile number will be your user id and you will create your own password while registering in the app.

    Select Booking type for Mumbai suburban train

    You can book
    1. Local train ticket, one way or return
      • You can buy AC, First class or Second class tickets
    2. Season pass, Monthly or quarterly
      • You can buy AC, First class or Second class season pass.
    3. Platform Ticket
    Note: For local ticket and platform ticket, the app will identify the nearest station as per your phone location and you will be able to book ticket from that station only.

    Here you have the option of
    1. Book and Travel Paperless
      • Using your location, the nearest suburban station will be available as your Origin station.
    2. Book and Print (Paper)
      • You will have to print ticket at originating station.
    3. Select Destination.
    4. Enter Universal Pass Id- No Longer Needed
      • You need to enter your registered mobile number
      • It will validate against Government Database if you are fully vaccinated.
    5. Click on Get Fare

    Validate you are fully vaccinated-No Longer needed

    The app will ask you to enter your phone number associated with your universal travel pass/fully vaccinated status.

    A ticket will be issued only if you are fully vaccinated.

    The process is same for season pass, you can select normal or AC pass and other options.

    You can keep the pass as digital copy on your phone as well.

    Note: For season pass, you will have to enter your complete address.

    Pay for the ticket/season pass

    The app will show the fare for your travel. You can pay for your Mumbai local train ticket/pass using 
    1. RWallet
      • This is the railway's wallet, you can register by entering any of the Government id card number. 
      • You will get 3% bonus on every recharge.
    2. UPI/NetBanking, Credit Card, Debit Card
      • You can use as per your comfort.
    The ticket/ season pass will be visible under "Show Ticket" link in the app in case TC asks for ticket.

    Note: Service charge will be applicable which will bump up the ticket price by few paisa.

    Its better to take a screen shot of your local train ticket/monthly pass and keep it as * message in whatsapp.

    This will ensure you will be able to produce your ticket even if internet connection is not available.

    Mumbai AC local train fare

    The app will show you fare between the stations you select.

    For you reference, the one side travel fare for AC local from Bhayander to Churchgate is around Rs.150/- and monthly pass is around Rs.1900/-

    Watch this video (in Hindi) for the full process

    Mumbai Local train tickets over the counter

    Note: Now a days ticket counter staff is not asking for vaccination proof, so you can get these easily from the ticket window, even for kids.

    The incident mentioned below is during the covid restrictions. Same may be invoked if next wave arrives(god forbid). You can read it if you want else skip.

    As we entered Bhayander ticket counter (one of the suburbs in western railways), we were faced by few angry commutators cursing system about not issuing the ticket.

    I asked one of them if the tickets are being issued as per announcement, got an angry reply "These people don't care about poor people, they are making getting a ticket impossible for the poor"

    I got sceptic but still wanted to get the first hand experience.

    I approached the ticket counter and asked for a Borivali return ticket. I showed my Aadhar card and the Universal Travel Pass/ Mumbai local covid pass softcopy on my mobile and the lady quickly took the required money and handed me the ticket!!

    I was happy to get the ticket and was confused as why others were not able to get it.

    I decided to investigate it further, so I just stood nearby the ticket counter and started observing.

    One gentleman got into an argument with the ticket staff saying he is already fully vaccinated and is also having the Cowin certificate. Still he was not given the ticket as Universal Travel Pass is mandatory.

    Another lady came with an Aarogya Setu certificate printout and was denied the ticket.

    How to get daily ticket for Mumbai Local from Ticket counter?

    To get the daily ticket, you will have to show:
    1. The Universal Travel Pass (soft or hard copy)
    2. Aadhar card
    3. Money for Ticket (but of course 😀)

    What is not accepted as valid document for issue of Mumbai local train tickets?

    You will not be given a local train ticket if:
    1. You show your fully vaccinated certificate and not the Universal Travel Pass.
    2. You show your Government or essential worker id and not the Universal Travel Pass.

    Note: Recently I observed that tickets were being issued by showing the fully vaccinated certificate as well. Don't take risk, get Universal Travel pass if you can.

    How to get Universal Travel Pass for Mumbai Local train tickets?

    Getting Universal Pass for Mumbai local is very easy. The pre-requisite is you should be fully vaccinated and 14 days have passed since your final vaccination.

    Follow the steps mentioned below:
    1. Browse to ePass website, this is the website for universal travel pass


    You can change your language on this screen, English and Marathi are supported.

    2. Under Citizen section, Click on "Universal Pass For Double Vaccinated Citizens"

    3. You will be directed to this screen

    Enter Mobile Number Online Ticket

    4. Enter the mobile number that you used for vaccination and press "Send OTP"

    5. Next screen will appear for entering OTP


    6. After submitting the valid OTP, you will be presented with a screen to Generate Pass


    7. Click on the Generate Pass link, and you will get the option to upload your photo (should be less than 3MB)

    Mumbai Local Upload Photo

    8. On click of Apply, you will get the screen confirming the submission

    Mumbai Local TIckets Universal Travel Pass

    9. The message says after 24hrs but you can login after 10min and if you fulfill the pre-requisite, you will be presented with a screen to download the pass.

    Mumbai local Train tickets Universal pass downlaod

    10. Click on View pass and download it.

    Pros & Cons Of Online Ticket, Pass Booking

    Sno. Pros Cons
    1 Save Time Extra service charges applies
    2 Comfort of booking using smart phone Each screen comes with a time ticker and if you miss your action within that time, you will have to start the whole process again
    3 Multiple Online Payment option Only 1 ticket can be booked at a time
    4 Vaccination status is validated online itself Un-Vaccinated and Kids tickets cannot be booked
    5 Softcopy of ticket saved in App Sometimes server is down, so booking cannot be done

    Railways started preparation to tackle Omicron variant

    With Omicron virus cases getting detected, do not be surprised if restrictions are again imposed on the local train travel.

    To avoid this from happening, hope covid protocol will help reduce impact.

    How to get monthly pass for Mumbai local trains?

    The process is same as explained for the ticket, just tell at ticket counter that you need a monthly pass and which class (1st/2nd class).

    After verifying your Universal Travel Pass and Aadhar card, monthly pass will be issued.

    Mumbai Local Trains

    Mumbai local trains are called the lifeline of the city. Daily millions of travelers commute on these trains.

    Mumbai suburban or local trains are divided into three broad categories:
    1. Western Line: This covers local stations from Churchgate to Dhanu road.

    2. Central Line: This covers local stations from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji  Terminous (VT) to Kalyan, Karjat,Khopoli,Kasara.

    3. Harbor line: This covers Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji  Terminous (VT) to Panvel.

    Mumbai Local Train Tickets

    To travel on these local trains, you will have to buy a ticket.

    You can buy a one way or return ticket. 
    • Return ticket (day pass) is valid till next day. 
    • You need to start journey within 1hr of purchasing ticket.
    • Legally you can use this pass for one TO & FRO journey.
    If you are a frequent traveler, its better to get a seasonal pass i.e either Monthly or 3months pass. These pass are very cheap as compared to the tickets.

    You can buy tickets or pass for AC, 1st class or 2nd class. Ticket/pass cost varies as per the class.

    You can safely guess that there is more comfort and less crowd in tickets with higher cost but it may not always be true.

    Best time to travel in Mumbai Local

    Mumbai local train starts at morning 330 am and runs till mid night.

    The least crowded hours are early morning before 630am, after noons from 12pm to 4pm and nights after 10pm.

    Any time apart these are classified into rush hour and crush hour.

    During rush hour, you will find it very difficult to board the train and during crush hour, its impossible unless you are boarding it from the starting station.

    Mumbai local train Free wi-fi

    Railway authorities are planning to provide free wi-fi on local trains in line with the wi-fi provided on many local stations.

    Wi-fi will include pre-loaded movies, songs and web series.

    FAQ about Mumbai Local daily ticket, monthly pass

    1. Is daily ticket being issued to general public on Mumbai local? 

    Yes, daily tickets are being issued to general public for Mumbai local train travel, Universal Travel Pass no longer needed.

    2. Do I need to be essential service worker or Government employee to travel in Mumbai local?

    No, now Mumbai local trains are open for general public now irrespective of your vaccination status.

    3. Can I buy Mumbai local Train ticket Online?

    Yes, online Mumbai local train ticket and pass bookings re-started from 24th Nov 2021.

    4. What are Mumbai local Train rush hours?

    During normal working days, the rush hour starts from 7am till 12PM. Then the rush hour begins at office close time i.e 430PM to 9PM.

    During holidays, normally the rush hour starts around 1130AM. Since people are in holiday mood, any time may turn into a rush hour time.

    5. Is the ticket valid for full day?

    Yes, the ticket is valid for full day but you will have to start the journey within 1hour and should use the ticket once only, to travel each side.

    6. Can pass be used for unlimited travel?

    Yes, you can travel as many time as you need provided your pass is valid between the stations of travel.


    Yes, Mumbai local train tickets are now available over the counter for everyone. No need to show fully vaccination proof.