Mysore| Places To Visit Near Banglore [2021]

Mysore or Mysuru as called by locals is a beautiful city in the southern part of India. It is in the state of Karnataka.

Mysore is the second biggest city in Karnataka after the silicon valley city of Banglore. 

It is famous for its Palace, Temples, Mysore silk sarees, and Mysore pak (a sweet that is named after the city)

    How to visit Mysore?

    The nearest international airport to reach Mysore is the Banglore airport i.e Kempagauda International airport.

    Mysore is well connected by Air, road, and trains. Based on your preference, you can opt for either cab or Government bus or the Indian railways or go for a flight.

    Banglore to Mysore car rental

    Banglore to Mysore is approx 150km around 3hr journey, either by road.

    Car rental from Banglore to Mysore is a brisk business and you will have many options.

    You can book a private cab that may cost Rs.15-Rs17 per km or an Ola cab (Rs.1400-Rs1700) on one side.

    Do note that it's an inter-city drive, hence better to book the cab one day in advance.

    Banglore to Mysore by Bus

    KSRTC bus is also an option that will cost you Rs.140 for non-ac and Rs.300 for a Volvo.

    These buses do not start from the Majestic bus stop, you will have to go to the satellite bus stand. Take a bus from Majestic and you will reach the satellite but stop in 15min.

    The non-ac bus frequency is very good. At any given point in time, you will get a bus.

    Banglore to Mysore by train

    Trains are cheapest at around Rs90- Rs500 per person.

    During covid, railways are not issuing any un-reserved tickets. So better reserve a ticket online. 

    The general coach is referred to as "2nd seating". So you will be actually traveling in a general compartment but with a reservation.

    Since most of the passengers get down at Banglore (Majestic/Kempagauda station), you will easily find a seat on the train to/from Mysore.

    The train takes around 3.5/4 hrs.

    Flights to Mysore

    Mysore airport is also known as Mandakalli Airport. The airport is located 10km from the center of the city.

    It's a single terminal airport where only small aircraft operate.

    I found flights to Mysore very costly. You can book a flight directly to Mysore (not all the cities are connected) or fly down to Banglore and take a cab or bus from there.

    Banglore being a big city and having an international airport, you will get very good deals on flights.

    Banglore to Mysore Flights

    Air-India has a direct flight from Banglore to Mysore, it takes around 1hr by flight.

    Rest all the flights are via some other cities and you will unnecessarily waste your time.

    Must-visit places in Mysore

    Beware of the autorickshaw guys, they will offer to take you around the palace, church, and some shopping spots at a very cheap rate.

    They get a commission for bringing in customers to the shopping place, no harm in it, but they will provide you false information about the other spots to lure you into going with them.

    Mysore Palace:

    An awesome place with beautiful gardens surrounding the royal palace.

    The best time to visit is around 4pm when the sun is not that bright.

    You will have to pay Rs.100 per adult and Rs.50 for kids aged till 12years.

    This ticket is only for entering the palace, if you have already visited the palace and just want to spend time in the garden outside, just walk in.

    For entering the palace, you will have to deposit your footwear at the entrance, Rs.2 is charged per pair.

    You need to pay and collect a bag to put your shoes in. Make sure to tie a know (lightly) before depositing it at the counter.

    Keep the receipt safe, without it you will not get your footwear.

    You can hire a guide as well for Rs.400/500 who will explain the history of all the artifacts.

    Chamundi Hills:

    A beautiful place from where you can have a view of the whole Mysore city.

    I will recommend going by car or auto so that you can park at the spots and enjoy the view of Mysore city.
    Ample parking is available if you arrive at nonpeak time.

    You can get a KSRTC bus as well from the city bus stop, a non AC bus ticket is Rs.20 and an ac bus is Rs.35 per person, each side.

    You can reach the hilltop and visit Chamundeshwari Temple. At times it gets very crowded, to avoid a long queue you can buy a VIP pass costing Rs.30 or Rs.100. This will save you some time. 

    Beware of Monkeys, it will jump and grab any food item/water bottle.

    Vrindavan Garden:


    A place to visit in the evening. I recommend reaching there after 4pm, enjoy the beautiful garden and water bodies.

    Around 630pm the garden is lit with beautiful lights.

    On the other side of the garden, you can visit the musical fountain. It starts around 630pm.

    Each person has to pay Rs.100 for entry.

    Mysore Zoo:

    If you have time, you can keep this on your list or can skip it.

    Mysore Weather:

    Avoid summer when planning for Mysore. The rest of the time the weather is pretty mild and you will enjoy it.

    Mysore Dasara:

    Mysore is famous for its Dasara festival. The whole city is buzzing with festivities and the Mysore palace is lit with thousands of light, enhancing its beauty.

    Dasara gets very crowded, hence plan accordingly.

    The cheapest way of Sightseeing Mysore

    In case you are a solo traveler, you can save money by buying a day pass from Mysore City Bus stand.

    A non-ac bus day pass will cost Rs.60 and an AC day passes Rs.100.

    You can hop on-hop off any city bus and cover a lot of places with this pass. 

    Itinerary for sightseeing in Mysore at a budget

    1. To visit Mysore from Banglore or other places, reserve a ticket by train. Make sure you arrive around 9am at Mysore junction in case you are on a one-day visit.

    Note: Due to covid, unreserved tickets are not being sold at ticket counters.

    General tickets are now being sold via websites like IRCTC where you get a reserved seat in what was a "general coach" before covid.
    KSRTC buses are also a good option if you are traveling from Karnataka.

    2. You will be approached by cab drivers who will offer you to take around Mysore and drop you back at the station in the evening. 

    They will charge anywhere from Rs.1500 to Rs.2500.

    I did not try this service but heard from friends that it's good. You can opt for it if you are with family or in a group.

    For solo travelers, I will recommend taking a walk or any transport to the city bus depot (it's around 2km from the station)

    Ask for a day pass there, it will take care of all your vehicle expenses!

    3. Take a bus to Chamundi hills. Bus no.201 will take you there. It has both AC and Non-ac options, board the bus as per your day pass eligibility.

    4. While returning, get down at Mysore zoo, if it's on your list.

    5. From Mysore zoo, take the bus and get down at the Mysore palace stop.

    6. From Mysore Palace, either walk or take the bus to the city bus stop, and depending on your next spot, take a bus to that place.

    Depending on the time, it will be a good idea to visit Brindavan Garden. Bus no.303,303A will take you there.

    7. There are lot of cheap loadging available around Mysore in case you opt to stay for the night. Depending on the peak season, you can get yourself a room for as little as Rs.500.

    8. Eat local, you are better off sticking to Idly, dosa rather than ordering any fancy dish unless you are in a fancy restaurant.

    9. You cannot save on entry charges, so avoid places you are not interested in.

    The flip side of traveling by a bus while sightseeing is you may waste some time waiting for the bus to arrive.


    Mysore is a very nice city and if you are in Karnatka or a nearby place, do plan to visit.

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