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Coorg, also known as Madikeri or Kodagu is a small hill town located in the Southern part of India, in the state of Karnataka.

It is famous for its coffee plantations, scenic views and is a good weekend getaway for people staying in Bangalore or nearby areas.

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    How to reach Coorg?

    Depending on your origin, there are many options to reach Coorg.

    Coorg from Bangalore

    Coorg does not have its own airport or railway station. The only way to reach Coorg is by road.

    There are many private cab drivers or bus tour services. You can also explore the state government bus KSRTC.

    Nearest airport to Coorg

    You can fly down to Mangalore airport that is around 160 km from Coorg or you can plan your trip from Bangalore (Kempagauda airport is around 265km from Coorg) via Mysore, covering the beautiful city of Mysore as well.

    Nearest railway station to Coorg

    Mysore is the nearest railway station for Coorg. It's a 3hr drive from Mysore to Coorg.

    Coorg Resorts

    The hill town is a tourist place and has Resorts, Hotels, and Homestay suitable for all budget.

    There is a whole range of options, right from Resorts that offer full-day activities to Homestay where you just hit the bed after roaming around for the whole day.

    Coorg Places to visit

    Once in Coorg, you can visit the following places:

    1. Mandalpatti: 

    Mandalpatti-Coorg-Places near Banglore.jpg

    This is a spot at one of the highest points on the hill. The view from this place is awesome, depending on what time of the day you arrive here.

    Early mornings are foggy, afternoons are clear and cool. Evenings get pretty cold here.

    To visit Mandalpatti, you have to hire a Jeep. It will take you to the topmost spot from there you need to walk 10min to reach Mandalpatti.

    You can take your bike as well, but then you will have to park it 1km before the point and hike the rest of the way.

    Taking the car is not advisable as there is a very rocky patch of road and you may end up damaging your car.

    The jeep takes Rs.2000/ per jeep and allows 6 people in it. Though I have seen few jeeps with almost 10 guys in it but that will be a very uncomfortable ride and risky too given some spots are very rocky.

    You need to pay Rs.20 for each person at the forest check post.

    Apart from the view on top, on the way, you can stop to capture some awesome photographs.

    Warning: The route is very bad and I will not recommend it for old people. The ride is bumpy all the way.

    In my personal opinion, given the hardship to reach Mandalpatti, I will not recommend it to anyone. The view is good but I have been at better places minus the bumpy ride.

    2. Coffee Plantation visit:

    There is a Government coffee plantation that is open for visitors. Entry is Rs.200 per person and you will get a guide to show you around.

    The Guide is very knowledgeable and shares some very interesting facts that we were not aware of.
    The tour ends with Coffee & Wine tasting (small shots only).
    There are many wine options and you can buy coffee, wine, spices grown on the plantation.

    The tour did not last more than 30min and shopping can take as much time as you want.

    In my opinion, a good place to visit but I thought the entry fee was on the higher side. An Rs.50 entry would have been more apt.

    Note: Avoid buying coffee from there, we bought filter coffee for our use but were disappointed with the result. It leaves residual powder instead of completely dissolving it.

    Even the spices bought from there was no different from what we get in market outside.

    3. Abbi falls:


    This was a complete disappointment for me. There is an entry/parking charge of Rs.40. You will have to walk for 10/15min to reach the waterfall.

    All you can do is watch the fall from inside a cage. I felt like a zoo animal who is locked in a cage for visitors to see. The only thing is here you are the one in the Cage!

    4. Raja's Seat:

    Raja's seat coorg.jpg

    This is a beautiful garden (some work was in progress when I visited). A beautiful sunset point and a nice place to relax.

    The entry fee is Rs.10 but I saw some guys just walk in without tickets and the security guard looked helpless.

    5. Omkareswara Temple:

    This temple is in the heart of the city. Apart from the divine experience, you will enjoy feeding fish in the water body at the center of the temple.

    Note: Even though sign board says jeans not allowed, its not strictly enforced. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for temple. 

    On the way back from Coorg, you can visit these places:

    Chikli Hole Reservoir:

    You will love the view and ambience of this place. No one is allowed to enter the water here but the view is awesome with some great photogenic spots.

    Entry here is free. 

    Dubare Elephant Camp

    The elephant camp is located at the bank of river cauvery.

    The timings for Elephant bathing and feeding is 9 am to 11 am and 430pm to 530pm.

    You will have to take a boat to reach the elephant camp (Rs.30/ for the boat ride). 

    Once in elephant camp, you will have to buy tickets to feed and participate in elephant bathing (Rs20 and Rs100/ respectively is the cost)

    You can also opt for jungle ride on elephant!

    Apart from these, you can sit at the bank of the river and soak your feet in the cold water (free).

    You can also take a horse ride (Rs.150) for 5-7 minute ride.

    How to go around in Coorg: Bike Rental in Coorg

    Incase you reached Coorg on bus or do not want to use the car in Coorg, you can easily get bikes on rent.

    Coorg is a small place and you can easily cover it on bite.

    Coorg weather

    The weather in Coorg is pretty cold at night and early mornings. It gets hot as the day progress.

    Coorg homestay

    There are many homestays in Coorg that offer affordable stays. It's like Airbnb. You get a fully equipped apartment.

    To book a homestay, you will get an option on your booking site. You can filter on Homestay to get a list of only homestays.

    Tip: Google the name of Homestay after looking it up in the booking portal and book directly with them. It will save you some money!

    Eating places in Coorg

    You will find good option for both Veg (Udipi restaurants) and Non-veg lovers in Coorg.

    The city center have all kind of restaurants, and utility stores.

    Bangalore to Coorg in 5hrs?

    National Highway Authority Of India's plan is to build a road to bypass Mysore that will reduce the travel time from around 8hrs to 5hrs.

    Madikeri named after King Muddu Raja Keri


    In case you do not have anything else to do, you can plan for Coorg.

    I did not find Coorg very appealing. The effort & money I spent to reach there did not justify Coorg experience.

    Mornings are best but once sun is out, Coorg loose its "Hill Station" tag.

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