Mumbai Bengaluru Flight During Covid|Flights During Corona[2021]

Must read before Flying from Mumbai to Bengaluru (Bombay to Banglore)

I am sharing my personal experience of flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru during Corona (Covid19).

    Mumbai to Bengaluru Flights

    Mumbai is the financial capital of India and Bengaluru (Banglore) is the silicon valley of India.

    The two cities are well connected by flights, trains, and roads.

    You will find all the major airlines flying between these two cities.

    Cheap Flights Mumbai to Banglore (Bengaluru)

    You will find the cheapest flights if you book 30 days in advance. Flight cost increase as the travel date is near.

    Mumbai to Banglore Flight Fare

    The flight that is available for Rs.1200/ will cost you around Rs.5500/ a couple of days before the departure.

    Mumbai to Banglore Indigo flight

    Indigo has made a name for itself as the most reliable domestic flight provider in India.

    Indigo has relatively new aircraft and you will find your flight very comfortable.

    Indigo crew members are among the best in the industry.

    Indigo operates multiple flights in Mumbai to the Banglore route and its tickets are quite competitively priced.

    Mumbai to Banglore Flight schedule

    Mumbai Banglore flights are available every 30min if you are fine with any air carrier. otherwise, each carrier has flights every 3-4hrs on this route.

    Mumbai to Banglore flight time

    The flight duration is around 2hrs for a direct flight. It takes anywhere around 1.30hr to 1.55hr.

    Mumbai to Banglore Vistara

    I took the Vistara flight from Mumbai T2 to Bengaluru Kempagauda airport on 22nd Aug 2021.

    Here is my experience and tips for you:

    1. Add an additional hour to your usual time to reach the airport as a lot of vehicles is on-road and it will take more time to reach the airport than usual.

    2. Expect a long queue to enter the airport. The security personnel checks the ticket and id's. He does not check the Rt-PCR report.

    3. Print boarding pass from the Kiosk, it is not given at the checking counter.

    4. You will have to keep your luggage on the weighing machine, do not expect any help there.

    5. The person at the check-in counter will check your negative Rt-Pcr report. 

    Note: Better take a printout instead of handing over your mobile to him. This is useful in case you are traveling with family.

    6. No change in security check-in procedure.

    7. At the time of boarding the plane, you will be given a mask, Face shield, sanitizer. In case you have middle seat, you will get protective clothes.

    Note: Do not expect a vacant middle seat unless it's an unsold seat.

    8. Authorities will check your Rt-PCR at Bengaluru airport as well.

    Does Vistara serve food in Mumbai to Banglore flight?

    No food was served on the Mumbai Banglore flight. Only water bottles were handed over during the flight.

    What happens if you are not carrying a negative Rt-pcr report?

    As per the airline communication, it is mandatory to carry a valid negative Rt-Pcr report. 

    I did not see anyone arguing at the check-in counter for not carrying the report but after landing at Bengaluru airport, I did notice few people go towards a counter where Rt-PCR was being done.

    So I guessed the airline must have allowed them to board the plane but at Kempagauda airport, they were made to take the test.

    How much time it takes to get Rt-PCR at Kempagauda airport?

    I checked with the authorities at the airport, they mentioned travelers have to give the swab and they can go home. The report will be sent after 5-6hrs on your mobile.

    In case the outcome is positive, you will have to follow the covid procedure.

    What is the cost of Rt-PCR at Kempagauda airport?

    At Bengaluru airport, you will have to pay Rs.800/ for Rt-PCR

    What is a valid Rt-PCR test?

    An Rt-PCR test is valid for 72hrs from the time swab is taken.

    Do not mistake it with the time the report is given.

    I planned to get it done from a Government testing facility to save some money (Maharastra Govt. is doing it for free in Mumbai).

    The catch was their report will be a hard copy that will be available after 2 days.

    I calculated 72 hrs from the day of my flight on Sunday and Thursday around 4pm came out to be the best time.

    Government being government, on Thursday their server was down and swab collection was canceled that day.

    I got it done on Saturday at a private facility where they sent me the report on my mobile, the same day (within 10hr).

    The cost of this Rt-PCR was Rs.800/-

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