Priceline Visa Rewards Credit Card Login

Priceline has its Visa Loyalty card in collaboration with Barclays.

So in case, you are wondering how to log in to Priceline Visa Rewards Credit card, You will have to visit Barclays site or Click here to log in to Priceline Rewards CC

Enter your credentials and you are in!

    Priceline Loyalty Program

    What is Priceline Rewards Visa Card?

    In order to reward its loyal customers, Priceline has introduced two channels:

    1. Priceline Rewards Visa Card

    How to get Priceline Rewards CC?

    You can browse to Priceline website and scroll down to the location where this Rewards card is listed.

    Click on Apply and it will ask you to fill a form.

    Fill in the details and after your credit verification, you will get confirmation.

    Advantages of Priceline Rewards Credit Card

    1. It's Free

    2. Earn $150 statement credit after your first purchase.

    3. Additional rewards points on eligible Priceline purchase (5x)

    4. Single-point earned after every non-Priceline-related purchase.

    5. Get Priceline VIP Gold membership 

    6. No Foreign transaction fees on purchases made while traveling.

    Priceline Visa Rewards Credit Card Login

    This CC is in collaboration with Barclays, hence to log in to Priceline Visa Card, you will have to go to Barclays website.

    Difference between Priceline VIP and Priceline Visa Rewards Credit card

    # VIP Credit Card
    1 Free Free
    2 No credit check Credit check required
    3 Start with basic Member level Start with VIP Gold
    4 Valid only for Priceline Valid for non-Priceline as well


    Priceline Loyalty Program has credit card and Priceline VIP as two options.

    Priceline Rewards Credit card is a good way to earn points and save money if you are a frequent Priceline user.

    Also check out Priceline Review for more money-saving hacks on Hotels, Flights, and car rentals

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