Megabus Tours UK|Megabus £1 ticket [2021]

Check the latest Government advisory on the Megabus tours the UK before making any plans.

Megabus is one of the cheapest modes of transportation in the UK.

You can book Megabus tickets for:
1. UK Tour
2. Visit from one place to another in the UK
3. Visit other European countries (Megabus will redirect you to its partner site)

Megabus Tours UK

Currently, the bookings are closed due to Covid. Do check the Megabus Official site for any changes.

How to get Megabus £1 ticket?

Megabus offers a few £1 tickets plus booking charges.

To get £1 Megabus tickets
    1. Browse to
      2. Explore->Fare Finder


      3. Click on the button "Find Tickets"

      4. Enter an Origin and click Continue


      5. Select Weekend Trip


      6. For the number of travelers, select 1


      7. Select an appropriate option on the discount card

      8. Click on Months and see dates where a £1 or other cheap ticket is available.


      9. Go ahead and buy the ticket!!

      If you do not find £1 tickets listed, maybe you missed the deal, try changing the month or try early next time.

      Or if you are good with £6,  £9, etc, you got yourself a deal! 


      Megabus Tours UK Video

      Megabus Inside Tour Video

      Megabus is a safe and cheap way to travel. These services are available in the US and Canada as well.

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