Get Cheap Flights Using Google Flights Explore Maps [2021]

Ever felt like just packing your bags and go out anywhere in the world?

Is the flight cost stopping you from taking on this adventure?

Worry not, here is a Google Flights Hack to get you the cheapest destination anywhere in the world!

Its called Google Flights Explore Maps

    Once you are on the home page of Google Flights, on the left-hand side you will see an icon with the text Explore.

    Well, that's what it is.. wear your voyager hat and start exploring!

    It will give you map of flights and prices view i.e on the world map you will see the prices from the Origin selected.

    How does Google Flights Explore Maps work?

    1. Just Enter your location (location from you will be getting on the flight)

    2. Enter the destination (you can enter a continent, a country, or a place)

    Note: Multiple destinations not allowed, that would have been a cool feature... or in fact, two options: Domestic and International would have been great. 

    On selecting it would have displayed all the domestic cheapest options. (if you enter no destination, this is what it will return based on your from location)

    On selecting International, it would have returned cheapest options all over the world.

    3. In the date field, select flexible dates and give a range to get the best deal.

    4. Check out the price tags on your destination and select the one most suited for you.

    Out of box suggestion for Google: 

    Adding space travel as one of the options will make Google Flights future-ready 😝

    How to use filters on Google Flights Explore Maps to get what is good for you

    You can add the following filters:

    1. Price: Use the slider below the search section to set the maximum amount you are willing to spend on this adventure travel.

    2. Number of Stops: If you do not want to waste time waiting to catch the connecting flight.

    3. Travel Mode: You can select destinations that need travel by Car after landing at an airport.

    4. Interests: You can select Popular, Outdoors, Beaches, Museums, History, Skiing in case you have any preference.

    5. Airlines: You can set your preference if you have any on flights.

    6. Bags: You can select the carry-on bags allowed.

    7. Duration: If you don't want very long flights, you can set duration here.

    Google Flights Explore Map FAQ's

    1. Is Google flights explore map gone?

    No, the Google flights explore map is not gone, it's under the Explore option from the left-hand side of the Home page.

    2. What is Google Flights Search anywhere?

    If your intention is to go anywhere in the world that offers the cheapest flight tickets, use the Google Flights Explore Maps option.

    3. How to get Google flights App? 

    At the time of writing this post, Google flights did not have any mobile app. The rich features of the flight search engine are most useful while using a desktop/laptop.


    Google Flights Explore Maps could be a good "blind travel" option if you like the way it works.

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