Cheapest Way To Travel Pune To Mumbai Airport[2021]

Pune is one of the IT hubs in India and Mumbai is the Financial capital of India. 

If you want to board an International flight, Pune is not a good option, it does not have an International airport.

You will have to travel to Mumbai airport to board the international flight.

Cheapest Way to travel from Pune to Mumbai airport

There is very good connectivity between Pune to Mumbai, you can reach Mumbai airport from Pune via:

1. Air: From Airport at VimanNagar. If the flight lands at the T1 terminal (domestic only airport), you will have to arrange for your own transport to the International airport. It may take 30-40min depending on traffic.

2. Road: Self-drive, Rent a Cab, Airport Shuttle.
Private bus and Government Bus are also an
option but it's not direct to the Airport hence I am not considering it for comparison purposes.

If you want to try out the bus option, you will have to get down at Kurla and take a cab to the International airport.

3. Train: From Pune railway station. You will have to get down at Thane or Dadar station and take a cab to International airport.

If you have time and are familiar with local trains, you can take a local train to Kurla and from there a cab will be cheaper than from Thane or Dadar.

Just be aware of the lean hours, rush hours, and crush hours of the Mumbai locals 😀.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Air Road Train
Limited flights Lots of options Depending on Train timing
Around 3-4hrs depending on airport checking time 4-6hrs depending on traffic condition 4-6 hrs
Domestic Airport will have to arrange own transport till International Direct International Airport  Nearby station, need to take transport till the airport.
Most Costly Between Air and Train Cheapest
Convenient Most Convenient Not very Convenient
Approx Rs.4-5k Approx Rs.2.5-3k Approx. Rs100 + Rs.500 for connecting cab
IndiGo is the best domestic air service. Ola or Uber cabs are good. There are few trains especially between Pune Mumbai and a lot of other long-distance trains are also there.
Recommended for Foreigners. Recommended for all. Recommended only for people familiar with Pune and Mumbai.


There are many options available for travel between Pune and Mumbai. 

Hope this post "Cheapest Way Travel Pune Mumbai Airport" helped you decided on the mode of travel.

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