How To Use Google Flights Flexible Dates [2022]

Google flights flexible dates are one of the best hacks to save a lot of money on your flight tickets.

This will work only if you are fine with moving your travel dates based on the cheapest airfare.

How to Search Flexible Dates On Google Flights

Google Flights will make you work to get to this awesome tool 😀

In case you are wondering how to do flexible dates on google flights, here is what you need to do

The flexible Dates flights option is not visible in the normal Google Flight booking view. 

Two ways to access Google Flights Flexible Dates:

Google flights flexible date is accessible from

1. Explore link present at the left hand side

2. Map view, present just below the flight search on home page of google flights.

Google Flights Flexible Dates from Explore Link

Click on Explore link on the left-hand side of Google Flights.

It will pop up a Map where the price of the flights is displayed on the map.

The flight map is also displayed once you enter Origin and dates, click on the Search button. 

The map will display the price from the place you selected in Origin.


Google Flights Flexible Dates from Map view

One more way to get the flight map is from the home page of Google flights. 

Navigate to GoogleFlights and scroll down a bit so that map is visible.

Once you click on map, date input box will appear.


You will be presented with two options,

"Specific dates" i.e you have already decided on what dates you will be traveling, or 

"Flexible Dates" in case you want to select dates based on flight rates.


How to do Flexible dates on Google Flights?

Click the Flexible Dates tab, the value is pre-populated with "1-week trip in the next 6 months"

You can modify few things here like select specific months or make your trip duration to 2 weeks or Weekend.

And watch the magic of Google Flights Flexible Dates!! 

Do you like the rates you see there? Go ahead and book your flights!!

Not willing to book at the available rates, no problem. Set Flights Alerts on the dates and let Google do the work for you.

How to search Google Flights without dates?

Google flights do not allow a search without dates. Google flexible flights restricts users to 6months.

In case you want to go beyond 6 months, go for standard calendar.

FAQ about Google Flights:

1. How to select flexible dates on Google flights?

Click on Map view
Tap on the date input
You will see two options, Specific and flexible dates

2. Google Flights Flexible dates not working

In case you are stuck at the screen and feel like Google flights flexible dates is not working, try out following:
  • Wait for some time, may the the connection is slow and its taking more time to load.
  • Try it out on Chrome browser (in case you are using any other browser)
  • Delete cookies on the browser and re-start the browser

3. Google flight calendar not showing prices

This looks like some issue with your browser cookies . Delete cookies on the browser and restart the browser and check again.

Check out this video to see it all


Google Flights Flexible date search mean savings, do use this feature to get the Cheapest Flights.

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