Google Flights Hacks To Find Cheap Flights [2021]

You just cannot ignore Google Flights when it comes to getting the cheapest Airfare.

It offers so many hacks to help you find cheap flight tickets. 

  1. Use the incognito mode of the browser to do all the research.
  2. Open the map view
  3. Instead of a specific destination, enter the country or multiple places
  4. Use flexible dates option
  5. Scan through the results on the price graph  and select the best as per your need

Easier said than done? Keep reading for step by step guide to saving money on air travel...


    What is Google Flights?

    Google Flights is an Online flight search platform from Google. 

    It does not have a booking facility, it will search the flight rates across the service providers, and based on your choice, it will take you to the respective provider's website for booking.

    The providers could be the actual flight operators or Online booking agents.

    How to use Google Flights?

    Follow these Google Flights hacks to get the best out of this very helpful Google flight tool.

    Hack#1 Google Flights Explorer

    To explore/search flights on Google flights,

    Navigate to Google flights

    Enter the Origin

    Note: You can enter multiple locations, 7 to be specific, in Origin and Destinations. 

    Type the first name, click on the + symbol, type another name, and check the box.

    This will get you the best rate if you are flexible about boarding the plane from any origin or landing in any destination airport.


    Enter Destination location


    Once you select dates and submit, results will appear with the best option on the top.

    Hack#2 Google Flights Calendar 

    Click on the from date, a calendar view will appear showing the cost of tickets on each date of the month selected.


    Note: Google Flights Calendar is your first point where you can look for cheap airfare without hitting the enter button.

    If you do not find the cheapest ticket, scroll to next month. 

    Note: The dates in the search range will be highlighted with the background color.


    Click on Done & Google will start searching for flights.

    The flights' results page will be displayed where you can apply filters like # stops, Airlines, Bags, prices, etc.


    Hack#3 Google Flights Alert

    If you turn on the slider beside Track Prices, you will receive an email whenever there is a drastic change in price.

    Make the tool work for you while you take care of other stuff!

    Also popularly known as Google Flights Price Tracker, You can use the Flights Tracking option (Google flight watch) in case you want to be alerted when there is a change in the price.

    This is an excellent feature in case you want to get the cheapest flight between the Origin & Destination with no date constraints.

    Whenever there is a price change, Google will send you an email on your registered mail id.

    Google flights price tracker is one of the best tools in Budget Traveler's kit to keep watch on airfares!

    Hack#4 Google Flights Grid:

    You can also click on the Date grid to see the price in a Grid form. This is an excellent view and you can adjust your travel dates accordingly.

    Also, you get to see the full month in one shot!


    This Google Flights Matrix is a very convenient way to see the price in a 2x2 matrix where on top are days and on right are the dates. I find it very helpful.

    Hack#5 Google flights price graph 

    Nothing can beat the Google Flights Price graph when it comes to comparing the rates. 

    You can select the cheapest rates (smallest line in the price graph) from here for that date range.

    Once you are done selecting the best price, it will display the Best departing flights. 

    Flights are ranked based on the best tradeoff between price and convenience.


    Click on the flight that best suits your needs, it will bring up Return flight data in case you have selected a return flight.

    Now your flight details will be displayed based on your selection. 

    Note: If you want to track this flight combination, slide the Track Price slider to enable the tracking.

    You will get two booking options:

    Book on Google with the provider

    Book with the provider

    In both the case, you will be booking with the provider and post-booking, all the support will be provided by the provider.


    Continue entering your personal details, booking details, etc, and complete the payment.

    Enjoy your trip!!

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    Hack#6 Google Flights Map view

    You can click on Explore link on the left-hand side of Google Flights home page and it will display a Map where you can check the price displayed on the map.

    The Google flights map is also displayed if you enter your Origin and dates and click on the Search button. The map will display the price from your Origin.


    Another way to get to the flight map view is from the Google flights home page. 

    Just scroll down and click on the flight map and it will take you to the page from where you can book flights by selecting the places from the map.

    How to get most from Google Flights Explore Maps

    Hack#7 Google flights flexible dates

    This option is not visible in the normal Flight booking view. Once you are in Map View (follow the steps above), click on the date input box.

    More details on How to search Google Flights with Flexible Dates


    Note: Google flight's hacks can definitely save some money for you.

    Google Flights App

    Were you searching for Google Flights App on the play store or AppStore, well you did not find it because it does not exist!

    The only way to access Google flights at the time of writing this post was via a browser.

    Watch this video in case you are not much of a reader 😊

    Google Flights FAQ:

    1. What are Google Flights Alerts?

    It is an option where you can set prices alert. 

    If you are tracking flight tickets in a particular route, no need to check it daily. Just set an alert and whenever there is a price change, you will get an email!!

    2. How to find the cheapest air tickets on Google Flights?

    You can check the 

        Google Flights Price Graph

        Date Grid 

        Flexible Dates

        Google flights matrix

        Price Tracker

    to find the cheapest flights.

    3. Is Google flights the cheapest?

    Different platforms offer the cheapest tickets on different days. Check out the best day to buy airline tickets

    4. Google Flights Calendar Not Showing Prices

    Google flights calendar should show prices unless a temporary glitch or cookies on the browser are playing tricks on you.

    Clear cookies on your browser and restart the browser.
    If you have not re-started windows for some time, this is the right time to do a restart.


    My Verdict: Google Flights is definitely the place to go when you are looking for cheap airfare. To be on the safer side, check out few other sites like Skyscanner and CheapOAir.

    Hope you liked the Google Flights Hacks mentioned in this post.

    Do read 5 Hacks to Get Dirt cheap Airline Tickets in case you did not find the tickets as per your liking.

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