Costco Flagstaff| Is There A Costco In Flagstaff Arizona?

Flagstaff is a snow city in the desert state of Arizona, USA.

Famous for its snow sports, it attracts lots of tourists during the season.

Costco is one of the famous wholesale chains in America.

So what is the connection between Flagstaff and Costco? 

well, none!!

Is there a Costco in Flagstaff?

Short answer, "No". Not satisfied with the short answer, the long answer is "Nah"

There is no Costco in Flagstaff, I found it the hard way.
After a night's stay in Flagstaff, I wanted to top up my gas tank before moving ahead.

I entered Costo in my GPS and started driving, it took me to SAM's!!

I checked with a few locals and they mentioned there is no Costco in Flagstaff.

Why there is no Costco in Flagstaff?

Costco has a target about the population in the area. Any area where it will not get ROI, it does not make sense to open its shop there.

Wait, no Costco but there is SAM's, that does not make much sense... I gave it a thought but then I moved on...

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