Cruise Line | Norwegian Cruise Review [2022]

Norwegian Cruise Liners, also called NCL or Norwegian, is an American cruise headquarter in Miami.

Book your trip directly with NCL or with CruiseDirect to get more booking options.

    Before sailing Norwegian cruise line:

    Do check the latest on Norwegian cruise operations during Covid times, before making any plans.

    If you are a first-timer, better check out a few things before booking.

    1. Food & Drinks:
    No time ear marked for food, you can grab a bite any time you feel like.

    Also, most of the restaurants on board do not need a dress code or reservation. You can drop by and ask to be seated.

    There are complementary restaurants that are free but for specialty restaurants, you will have to pay or buy tickets in advance.

    Some entertainment are adult only, so read the notice before entering the venue.

    Again, some of it may be free, for some you may have to pay extra.

    3. Stuff to carry:
    Don't forget universal power adapter and do carry multi USB port in case you have lots of devices to charge.

    4. Tips are extra, you can pay it upfront or later. 

    5. Look for newer ship for better experience.

    Check out this video for details

    Tips while on the Ship

    Once you are comfortable with the pre-booking checklist, check out few additional tips to make your voyage more fun.

    Its recommended installing the app before boarding the ship. It will keep you posted on the events and other updates.

    Check out this video for details

    Does everything included really mean "Everything"?

    Be prepared for a few surprises even with the "everything free" offer.

    There are few fine points that are not spelled out clearly but better to know it beforehand than later...

    Check out this video for details

    How to get the best deal on Norwegian Cruise?

    Following hacks will help you get a cheap Norweigian Cruise:

    1. Do thorough research on your trip.

    2. Check out other cruise providers for the date range you are planning for

    3. Book early

    4. Different ships may have different fares

    5. See if you are eligible for any discounts

    6. Look for offers, you may get deals on free drinks, exclusive events, etc.

    7. Norwegian Cruise Line shareholders get additional discounts, consider buying it before booking your trip. You can always sell it off if you don't like the shares 😉

    8. Bid for an upgrade, if it goes through, you will enjoy more facilities at the fraction of a cost.


    Cruise liners are fun, just be prepared with what to expect so that unexpected costs do not spoil your perfect vacation.

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