Yosemite Day Trip[2022]

Yosemite One Day Trip: Is it worth it?

When I visited San Francisco, this was my exact question, is a day trip to Yosemite worth it?

I went ahead with the plan and it was totally worth it if you know which all major points to cover.

Keep reading to get the most out of the one-day trip to Yosemite.


    Best time of the year to visit Yosemite

    Yosemite is beautiful round the year. If you visit during winter, you can enjoy the snow otherwise you can enjoy the green side of nature there.

    Note: Yosemite is open 365 days a year but do check the latest news and weather reports before traveling to avoid any setback.

    My recommendation is to visit here in both the season to get the best of both the world!


    How to reach Yosemite?

    Yosemite National park is one of the most visited National parks in the USA. Located in California. There are many ways you can arrive here:

    1. Drive from SFO or nearby location: Fastest and cheapest way

    2. Take an Amtrack train: Costly but it has its own fun

    How to get the most out of Yosemite One day trip?

    1. Start early:

    It's a 4-5hr drive from SFO, start early to capture the beauty.

    2. Stop at scenic locations:

     If you are not aware of the points to stop, just stop where ever you see a couple of cars parked! 

    Click lots and lots of pictures & videos!!

    3. Spend time in snow: 

    Ski or slide down the snow, it's the most fun part if you visit Yosemite during winter.

    4. Spot climbers at El Capitan:

    Stop at El Capitan and check if you can spot climbers! 

    I heard Climbers take days to climb and they take sleep breaks as well while climbing by securing themselves!!

    5. Barbeque at riverside:

    Enjoy food at the bank of a water body. You can grab a spot and do a barbeque as well.


    Things to carry to Yosemite:

    1. Warm cloths

    2. Snow slide gear

    3.Snow boots

    4. Goggles

    5. Camera

    6. Pack enough water and snacks: There is only one store in Yosemite and to get even a single bottle of water, you may have to stand in queue for 30-45min. Not to mention that everything is costly there.

    When I went there, the machine dispensing water and cold drinks were broken, my guess is it will remain the same way always...

    Things to know before reaching Yosemite

    For your quick reference, winter is cold and Summer is hot and dry in Yosemite, rainfall is very less.

    Check out this video to get another perspective


    One day trip to Yosemite is quite enjoyable. Unless you are fond of trekking, camping I personally feel one day trip is enough.

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