Get Cheap Hotel | Get Hotel Cashback [2022]

Hotel Cashback: Enjoy your stay and get your money back!!


    What is Hotel Cashback?

    Like any cashback scheme, you book your hotels from providers in this business and get up to 40% money back after a couple of months!

    Is Hotel Cashback worth it?

    Hotel cashback is as good as getting discounts on your bookings- The catch is you get it back after 2months instead of getting it upfront.

    How Hotel Cashback work?

    You may be aware of B2B (Business to Business) discounts. In this model, the actual service providers give their seller partners special rates to get the hotel rooms booked.

    The rates may vary on "Unsold Inventory" i.e rooms that were not booked may fetch them more profit than the rooms that still have a chance to be occupied.

    The companies that are in the Hotel Cashback business, pass on some part of their profit to the customers while pocketing a smaller profit.

    Where can I get cashback on Hotels?

    There are many ways to get cashback,

    1. Cashback Credit card:

    You need to apply for a credit card and based on your credit score, you may or may not get it.

    2. Booking through a platform that provides cashback:

    Many platforms offer this without membership or redeem hassles.

    BookingCredits is one such platform that will put back the money on your payment card in 60days, automatically!


    Cashback is the same as cash earned. Do explore innovative ways to save money on Hotel bookings making it a cheap hotel for you!

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