Free Covid test in Memphis


Free Covid Test in Memphis, TN?

How I got myself tested for Covid-19 (Free)

  1. Book online appointment on Walgreens site
  2. Arrive at the drive-through center on time
  3. Medical staff will show you how to use the kit
  4. Do as instructed, no need to step out of the car, drop the sample in dropbox
  5. Test results will be sent to your email
  6. Keep on reading to get details

Looking for a Free covid test in Memphis and nearby areas? You have come to the right place!!

Note: This is my experience in October 2020, process may change depending on the time you read this.


    In Memphis, Collierville, and other nearby areas, you can get rapid Covid test done free for yourself and your minors. You need to have a Driving license or a State Id for all who are being tested.

    Note: When I got tested in the first week of October 2020, Walgreens was not testing minors, now they are. 

    The test was free when I got it done but it may change with time.

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    Walgreens is providing drive-through testing in some of its locations. The tests available are

    RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel : 

    This Test Is Being Accepted By Countries Like India For Travelers Who Want To Avoid Institutional Quarantine, Home Quarantine Is Mandatory.

    Rapid Point Of Care (POC) Test 

    This one is considered a shorter and faster version but may not be accepted in case you need to show its result in the country you are visiting.

    My Covid testing experience

    Here is a step by step process to get yourself tested for Covid19 for free:

    1. Get an appointment on Walgreens Covid 19 test site  Normally you will get an appointment the next day but it depends on the number of available slots.
      1. Select your State from the drop-down
      2. Select the location where you want to get tested (all are drive-through only)
      3. Make sure you select the location which conducts the test you need
      4. Click on Get started button
      5. Read and Accept the Terms and conditions
      6. Enter the basic information, Email Id, and Phone number. The report is sent by email so make sure it's a valid email address.
      7. Answer the questions asked (this test is for all, even if you are not showing any symptoms)
      8. A screen will be displayed with the available slots, select one.
      9. You will receive an email confirmation about the appointment.
    2. Make sure to reach the drive-through location at-least 5 minute before your scheduled time
      1. If the location does not have visible signs guiding you, just drive to the "Drive Through Medicine"
      2. The attendant will check the IDs and hand over a kit to you.
      3. An attendant will demo how to use the kit and then you have to do the same for yourself and your minor.
      4. Once done, you need to drop the samples in a dropbox next to the Attendant's cabin, and you are done
    3. All the time you will be in your car.
    4. You will receive the report in the email within 2-3 days

    Conclusion: The whole process is very streamlined and easy. There was no physical contact with any other person.

    Do comment in the section below in case you need more details on any specific point mentioned in the post or in general.

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