5 Hacks To Get Cheap Hotel Deals [2021]


You can save money on your accommodation if you have friends all across the tourist places you want to visit and they are willing to put you up at their place.

Looks impossible? Befriend with Cheap Hotels Deals!!

You can find cheap hotel deals all around the world, with the hacks mentioned in this post.

    If you are booking a couple of months in advance, then go for:

    Priceline Pricebreaker

    This deal is from Priceline, giving you almost 50-60% off on your hotel bookings. The only catch is you will know the exact name of the hotel after making the payment.

    Read more on Priceline Pricebreaker Hack to get cheap hotels 

    Skyscanner Hotel Booking

    You may have heard of Skyscanner for Flight booking, do you know you can also get cheap hotels on Skyscanner?

    You will be surprised to see the rates offered. There is a catch though, do read details on Skyscanner Review

    If you missed booking hotels months in advance, you still have a chance to get cheap hotel deals.

    Priceline Express Deals on Hotels

    This is one of the best deals if you are booking around 15 days in advance.

    In this tool, you can specify which location you want the hotel in, and the hotel name that you got will be revealed only after making the payment.

    Do read hack to guess the hotel name in Priceline Express Deals Hotel Review

    Hotwire Hot Deals

    You can check out Hotwire hotels if you are looking for 3-4 star hotels for your stay.

    Hotwire has a section "Hot Rate" where you will find the best rate on Hotwire. If their best is also the best you found, go ahead and book it!

    Do read how to get 60% off on Hotels with Hotwire or hit the button below to get the discounts Now!

    OYO Hotel Rooms

    Before booking anywhere, do have a quick peek at the OYO Hotels, you can get a minimum 30% off on OYO Hotel Rooms.

    OYO is also an aggregator and has made a name for itself as a cheap hotel room platform.

    In case you are looking for a long stay, nothing can beat an "Extended stay America". You will definitely like this "Accommodation Hotel"

    Bonus Tip

    Book with a platform that gives cash back on your bookings. You enjoy the stay now and after a couple of months, you will get the cashback!!

    Cheap Hotel Deals FAQ:

    1.Can a hotel cancel your reservation?

    One of the flip sides of using third-party platforms to book hotels is that you may end up with no room during peak time even after the third party confirmed your booking.

    I personally faced this situation during Valentine's week and found myself stranded in the middle of the night.

    I tried calling customer care but was put on hold for more than 30 min, after that, I gave up.

    It's always better to directly call up the hotel in which you got booked and confirm the booking.

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