5 Hacks To Get Cheap Flight Tickets In 2022 | How To Get Cheap Flight Tickets?

To get Dirt Cheap Air Line Tickets, there are few hacks you need to follow while searching for flight tickets. Cheap Flights Calendar

Airline tickets are one of the biggest expenses in any travel. 

You may save money on your stay by Couchsurfing or staying with friends or some other way but the only way to save money on flights is by getting cheap airline tickets

Easier said than done? Not exactly, keep on reading to know the hacks...

    Travelers across the world  have come up with different tricks to save money on flight tickets. Here is my tried and tested way to save money on airfare.

    If you like any particular hack, you can do a deep dive by clicking on the link under that hack.

    5 Hacks To Get Cheap Flights

    Following tricks will get you dirt cheap airline tickets:

    #1. Qatar Airways

    On Friday's, flights are cheapest on Qatar Airways.
    I have noticed multiple times, while flight tickets are at higher side on Friday's, Qatar Airways offer the best rate!

    #2.Priceline Express Deals

    Last moment flight booking? Nothing can beat Priceline Express Deals:

    Priceline is an online travel booking platform that provides Express Deals saving you a lot of money.
    These are effective if you have missed booking flights months in advance.

    Do read Priceline Express Deals flights review to know hacks to get cheap flight tickets.

    If you are planning to buy airline tickets 2-3 months in advance, then following will give you best rates.

    #3. Cheap airfare on Skyscanner Flights:

    Skyscanner is a flight search engine that will pop up the cheapest flights. 

    Skyscanner will lead you to the provider and all the bookings, cancellations will be handled by the service provider.

    #4. Cheap Flight Ticket on Google Flights:

    Google flights are one of the must-use flight search platforms for cheap air tickets. The easy-to-use tools on this platform will help you get the cheapest airfare.

    #5. CheapOair for Cheap Flights: 

    And finally, my go-to platform if I am not getting cheap flights anywhere else. CheapOair may spring some surprise and show you options that no other platform does.

    Special Mention Momondo and Hopper Flights

    This post will be incomplete without a special mention of Momondo flights booking.

    Many people use Momondo and found good deals there. One more tool in your quest for cheap flights!

    Some interesting travel hacks to save money on Air Travel:

    1. Save on luggage fees:

    If you are a backpack traveler, this hack may not be for you but in case you have to travel with 2 full size checked in luggage, this will bump up your air ticket by few $100's...

    In such case its better to travel with airlines that do not charge for luggage, like Southwest Airlines in the US.

    Once I shifted my all home essentials by using southwest while traveling with my family!

    2.Get Bumped:

    Most of the time Airlines over book by calculating the last moment cancellations, no show etc.

    At times when everyone show up on time, Airline scramble to accommodate all by offering incentive to take a later flight that is not that crowded.

    Once while travelling to Mexico from US with my friend, we got a $1000 in flight credit + Hotel Stay + money for food for boarding a different flight!!

    3. Return flight or two single flights?

    At times buying two single flights are cheaper, more so if your origin and destination are busy airports.


    Best day to buy an airline ticket

    Not all platforms provide cheap airline tickets on the same day of the week.

    You will have to do some research on the above-mentioned platforms in order to get the cheapest flights on the dates/days you want to travel or you can read my post Best Day to Buy Airline Ticket

    Do read ReviewBlogTravel for more money-saving hacks while traveling.