Hack To Get Cashback On Hotel Bookings [2022]

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Are you looking for good deals on Hotels? Not able to find cheap hotels- try BookingCredits.com, the online hotel booking site that gives you Cashback on every booking!!

    While cashback is not the best when compared to getting a discount upfront, better to get a discount later than never

    You can get up to 40% cashback if you book with BookingCredit.com.

    Pros for booking with BookingCredit:

    1.Cashback is automatically credited back on your payment card within 60 days. No reminders, no follow-ups needed.

    2. No points to redeem, you get cashback per booking without getting into the hassle of points!

    3. No membership required: Breakfree with no "Member Only" shackles and enjoy the benefits.

    Cash back on every travel booking 

    Cons for booking with BookingCredit:

    1. Cashback takes up to 60 days from the date of stay.

    How to get Cashback with BookingCredit.com?

    Getting cashback with BookingCredit is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Browse to https://bookingcredits.com


    2. Search for a hotel by entering the city name or Hotel name and the dates.
    3. Select the Hotel from the list and click on Book.
    Note: Do check the cashback per day below the hotel price.
    4. Enter your personal details, do select "Become a Member" if not already signed up.
    5. Enter payment details.
    6. Review your booking and click on the Book button.
    7. An email confirmation will be sent to your registered email.
    8. Applicable cashback will be credited to your booking card within 60 days of your stay.

    Enjoy your stay!! and Re-live the moment when you get cashback!!

    How to get cheap Hotels in BookingCredits.com

    After selecting the hotel, on the right-hand side, below the Book button, there is a section Price Trend that will show you on which dates a cheap hotel will be available. 

    If you are flexible on dates, you get the cheapest Hotel room!!


    BookingCredits Cancellation policy

    BookingCredits.com is an aggregator and any cancellations/refunds depend on the policy of the hotel you booked.

    Based on your selection, you will see the terms and conditions under the Cancellation Policy (in easily readable letters).

    Make the booking only if you are comfortable with the cancellation policy of your booking.

    How to get an additional discount on booking with BookingCredits.com?

    You can get an additional discount by entering the coupon code.

    Check for the option just below the payment section.

    Where to find my bookings?

    You can see your booking history and future bookings under  "My Bookings" once you log in with your credentials.

    Cashback is a good option in case you are not getting any deals or discounts.

    Also, once you receive the cashback after a couple of months, you relive your moment! Double bounty!!

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