9 Cheap Things To Do In Phoenix[2022]

Phoenix is among the top 10 for the most affordable and popular cities for holiday travel in the US.

In this post, I will be sharing how you can make the most out of your stay in Phoenix without breaking the bank.


    As per the report published by Priceline and RetailMeNot, the average Hotel room per night in Phoenix is $149 making it 6th cheapest city in the US.

    No matter if you are in Phoenix just for a couple of days or for a full week. You will definitely find many cheap and interesting things to do in Phoenix Arizona.

    Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona with excellent connectivity with California, Nevada (Las Vegas), Grand Canyon, and many more exciting places in the USA.

    Following is my list of having a fun time in Phoenix:

    Sneak Peek into things to do in Phoenix

    # Attraction Comments
    1 Grand Canyon $35 per car
    2 Flagstaff Free
    3 Sedona Free
    4 Las Vegas Free
    5 Out Of Africa Safari Ticket, birthday boy/girl go free
    6 Camping Pay for ground booking
    7 Star Gazing Free
    8 Musical Instruments Museum Ticket
    9 Scottsdale Old Town Free
    10 Desert Botanical Garden Ticket

    1. Grand Canyon:

    Watch the magic of nature in the Grand Canyon. The south end of Grand Canyon is around 5 hours drive from Phoenix.


    You can drive right up the Grand Canyon, pay the entry fee (around $35). Park your car in the parking lot and take the shuttle to all the interesting points.

    2. Flagstaff:

    Flagstaff is a mountain city in Arizona.

    Depending on what month of the year you are in Phoenix, You may find snow in Flagstaff. 

    Yes, the snow area is just 3 hours drive from Sun City.


    3. Sedona

    This is just a couple of hour drive from Phoenix. You will definitely like the Pink Jeep ride that will cover all the breathtaking sites in Sedona.

    Do not forget to visit the Red Rock national park and take a dip in its cold water!

    4.Las Vegas

    Technically not in Arizona, but the 5 hour drive from the sun city to the sin city is one of the attractions you may not want to miss if you are in Phoenix for a week.


    5.Out of Africa Safari

    This is a good one-day trip where you can not only see wild animals but also feed Camel and, hold your breath, tiger!!

    Touch a real live Python!!

    Feeling adventures? do try the zip line


    If you are staying in Phoenix, you must book the camping ground and spend couple of days in the tent. Try for the river side ground to enjoy the soothing sound of water at night and cold dip in the morning.



    With the dry weather and hardly any rain, Phoenix or for that matter the whole of Arizona is one of the best places for star gazers.

    Things to do in Phoenix in One day

    If you are just halting in Phoenix for one day, do not miss following attractions:

    1. Musical instruments museum

    Music lover's first choice will be to visit this museum. It displays old as well as new musical instruments and you can try your hands on it as well!!

    This is open in morning time.

    2. Scottsdale Old Town:

    In evening, you can visit the beautiful and vibrant Scottsdale old town. The ancient shops and the Indian artifacts will take you to the past.


    3. Desert Botanical Garden:

    If you are not from a desert city, you will find the huge cactus and very unique plants and trees that are native to desert areas.

    4. Wine tasting

    Scottsdale, city adjacent to Phoenix have many local winery, each within walkable distance.

    5. Phoenix Downtown

    Enjoy the evening at Phoenix Down town. Cover it on foot to get the first hand feel of Phoenix culture.

    There are museums, zoos, science center but I will not suggest if you are in Phoenix for only one day. Better spend time at places that is unique to Phoenix!


    There are many trekking options but again it will be too much for a one day.

    Things to know before traveling to Phoenix

    Phoenix latest news

    Phoenix Weather


    1. How much does it cost to fly to Phoenix?

    Depending on from where you are flying to Phoenix, airfares may change.

    Budget airlines like Frontier will be your first choice but do check out other options in Skyscanner or Google Flights or CheapOair

    2. Cheap hotels in Phoenix| Where to stay in Phoenix for cheap

    You can find hotels to fit in any budget in Phoenix. If you are looking for apartment hotels, Extended Stay will be the best option.

    You can find cheap hotels in Phoenix on Priceline or Hotwire

    3. Cheapest car rental in Phoenix

    For the cheapest car rental in Phoenix or anywhere in the US, check out Skyscanner and Priceline Car Rental


    Phoenix is very hot in summer and you may not feel like stepping out of your house during this time.

    Apart from summer, Phoenix is a beautiful city. I loved staying there, I am sure you will also like it with so many places to visit and things to do in Phoenix!!

    Hope you found cheap things to do in Phoenix worth your time.

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