Sky scanner Flights|Compare Cheap Flight Tickets On Skyscanner [2021]

Skyscanner Flights| Hacks to save money

I have always used Skyscanner for flight booking. To get the cheapest air tickets, use this hack:

If dates and destinations are fixed, book tickets a couple of months in advance on a Wednesday, around 6-7pm CET.

If dates and destination depend on the cheapest available flight:

1. Instead of selecting specific dates, click on "Cheapest Month" under the whole month.

2. Select "Anywhere" instead of providing a specific destination.

Keep on reading to find some more hacks on Skyscanner Flights.

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    Skyscanner flight booking: Step by step

    1. Browse to Skyscanner website


    2. Click on the Flight tab for a flight search.

    3. Select Round trip or single trip or multi-city depending on your need


    Note: To get the cheapest rates, select "Add nearby airports" if you don't mind driving to another airport.

    4. Enter Origin and destination if you want to travel to any specific location else click "Can't decide where?"


    5. In Dates, select "Whole Month" and then click on "Cheapest Month".  Hit the Search button


    Check the list of countries and the cheapest rates available !!


    6. Expand the Country list and click on the price link


    Here also you have the option of checking the rates as calendar view or check the graph!!


    7.Either way, select the cheapest rates and hit the show flights button

    8. A list will be displayed with the price of the flight along with the carrier.

    Depending on the option you clicked, it will take it to the airline booking page or will display a list of booking agents from where you can book.


    On clicking on Booking agent, you will be taken to the agent's website. (Make sure you select a reliable agent)


    Continue with the booking process and enjoy your cheap air tickets!!

    Note: Selecting a Flexible flight option will bump up the ticket rates.

    If you still feel rates are on the higher side, create alerts. When the rates reduce, you will get it in your email.

    Skyscanner flights multi-city

    If your plan is such that you will land in one city but take the backward journey from another city, go with the multi-city option.

    You may not get the tickets as cheap as the round trip.

    Skyscanner flights to anywhere|Skyscanner random destination

    This is an excellent feature from Skyscanner. If you are an adventurer and want to fly to a location that has the cheapest air fair, use this feature.

    As explained in the beginning, if you just want to visit the place that has the cheapest flight ticket, select "Anywhere" in the destination. Also known as Skyscanner random destination.

    It will pull out a list of places and present it in ascending order. Pick your favorite place and start packing your bags!!

    Skyscanner flights app

    You can download the Skyscanner flights app from the Play Store or App store based on your mobile OS.

    Its simple-to-use interface makes Skyscanner flights search very easy and gives the power in your hand to get cheap flights!!

    Skyscanner flight International

    Skyscanner can help you get the cheapest flight rates not only in domestic but International as well.

    I found the cheapest International flights on Wednesdays around 6pm-8pm CET, while using Skyscanner.

    Skyscanner flight status

    Skyscanner does not have its own flights, it's just an aggregator that takes you to the cheapest flight ticket provider. There is no "Flight Status" in Skyscanner.

    Is Skyscanner good only for flights? Read full Skyscanner review to know more.


    1. Does Skyscanner give the cheapest tickets?

    Each online providers have a particular day when its tickets are cheapest. 

    You may want to check this video to get another perspective


    Sky scanner/Skyscanner is one of the online platforms that can get you the cheapest flight. Hope you were able to get one. 

    Do read 5 Hacks to Get Dirt cheap Airline Tickets in case you did not find the tickets as per your liking.

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