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Sky scanner, Hacks to find Cheap Flights, Hotels & car rentals

I have always used Sky scanner for flight booking.I am sharing my experience where I found the day and time when Skyscanner offers the cheapest rates. To get the cheapest air tickets, use this hack:

If dates and destinations are fixed, book tickets a couple of months in advance on a Wednesday, around 6-7pm CET.

If dates and destination depend on the cheapest available flight:

1. Instead of selecting specific dates, click on "Cheapest Month" under the whole month.

2. Select "Anywhere" instead of providing a specific destination.

Keep on reading to find some more hacks on Sky scanner Flights.

    What is Skyscanner?

    Skyscanner is an Online Travel booking platform that provides one of the cheapest rates in Flights, Hotels, and car rental.

    Sky scanner Reviews & Ratings

    Its always good to read 2-3 reviews before making any decision. Following are some of the trusted names in the travel review world & their ratings for skyscanner.

    Do check Corona virus travel update before traveling

    Skyscanner for flights:

    Sky scanner flights is known for their cheapest flights. I have noticed prices are cheapest on Skyscanner on Wednesdays around 5pm to 8pm CET.

    You may find the cheapest rates if your travel day is between Tuesday to Thursday.

    Skyscanner USA:

    Skyscanner UK:

    Skyscanner India:

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    Flight booking experience on Skyscanner was far better than Priceline. So much so that I do not want to even compare the two.

    Check out this video to experience it out before even opening Skyscanner.


    Skyscanner flight booking: Step by step

    1. Browse to Skyscanner website


    2. Click on the Flight tab for a flight search.

    3. Select Round trip or single trip or multi-city depending on your need


    Note: To get the cheapest rates, select "Add nearby airports" if you don't mind driving to another airport.

    4. Enter Origin and destination if you want to travel to any specific location else click "Can't decide where?"


    5. In Dates, select "Whole Month" and then click on "Cheapest Month".  Hit the Search button


    Check the list of countries and the cheapest rates available !!


    6. Expand the Country list and click on the price link


    Here also you have the option of checking the rates as calendar view or check the graph!!


    7. Either way, select the cheapest rates and hit the show flights button

    8. A list will be displayed with the price of the flight along with the carrier.

    Depending on the option you clicked, it will take it to the airline booking page or will display a list of booking agents from where you can book.


    On clicking on Booking agent, you will be taken to the agent's website. (Make sure you select a reliable agent)


    Continue with the booking process and enjoy your cheap air tickets!!

    Note: Selecting a Flexible flight option will bump up the ticket rates.

    If you still feel rates are on the higher side, create alerts. When the rates reduce, you will get it in your email.

    Sky scanner flights multi-city

    If your plan is such that you will land in one city but take the backward journey from another city, go with the multi-city option.

    You may not get the tickets as cheap as the round trip.

    Sky scanner flights to anywhere|Skyscanner random destination

    This is an excellent feature from Skyscanner. If you are an adventurer and want to fly to a location that has the cheapest air fair, use this feature.

    As explained in the beginning, if you just want to visit the place that has the cheapest flight ticket, select "Anywhere" in the destination. Also known as Skyscanner random destination.

    It will pull out a list of places and present it in ascending order. Pick your favorite place and start packing your bags!!

    Sky scanner flights app

    You can download the Sky scanner flights app from the Play Store or App store based on your mobile OS.

    Its simple-to-use interface makes Sky scanner flights search very easy and gives the power in your hand to get cheap flights!!

    Skyscanner flight International

    Skyscanner can help you get the cheapest flight rates not only in domestic but International as well.

    I found the cheapest International flights on Wednesdays around 6pm-8pm CET, while using Skyscanner.

    Skyscanner flight status

    Skyscanner does not have its own flights, it's just an aggregator that takes you to the cheapest flight ticket provider. There is no "Flight Status" in Skyscanner.

    Skyscanner Hotels:

    You can book your hotel stay as well from this website. It scans various hotel providers like,,, Hyatt, Expedia, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, and many more.


    Like any other Online Travel booking platform, Skyscanner has special business rates with the providers and it passes on some discounts to its customer while keeping their profits.

    It has a very cool "loading" gif that brought a smile to my face while the hotel search was on.


    Another nice feature that makes Skyscanner different from other platforms is the map view.


    Here also, all the bookings are done by the actual providers or other agents, Skyscanner's job is just to take you to the site that is offering the cheapest hotel.

    The hotel ratings displayed are that of Tripadvisor.

    To compare Skyscanner Hotel booking with Priceline Hotel booking, I entered the same search criteria in both the sites and found Priceline rates were much higher.

    Priceline Hotel Booking:



    Skyscanner Hotel Booking:



    The closest deal that Priceline hotel booking had was via its Pricebreaker Tool.

    Skyscanner rental Car:

    You can rent a car at Skyscanner.
    It scans through 100's of providers and presents options in front of you.


    It groups the results as per the rate and you can book with any provider of your liking


    I tried Skyscanner and Priceline car rental by providing the same inputs and found Priceline rates (image below) were almost double that of Skyscanner (image above).


    Skyscanner website:

    Skyscanner has both a website and app (iOS & Android). It has a very simple and intuitive interface making the booking very easy,

    Skyscanner customer service:

    Surprise, Surprise... Skyscanner does not have customer service. They do not take reservations, instead, they direct you to the actual provider site with special rates.

    Any queries about booking, you will have to connect with the actual service provider. 

    The contact details will be sent by email once you are done with the booking.

    For questions related to Skyscanner, read the articles published by them under various categories.

    No chatbot or human to help here!!!

    Skyscanner API

    Do you want to create your own custom application using Skyscanner API (Application Programming Interface)? You can do that.

    All the business logic will be handled by the api and you can create a UI on top of it with your branding!!

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    Caution while booking through Skyscanner

    Skyscanner does not book tickets on its own, it gives you a list of cheap options that include the actual airline companies/hotels as well as agents.

    If you find the cheapest option is with an agent you have not heard of, better google about it.

    There have been few issues raised with Skyscanner where people booked and paid up the money but on reaching there, their ticket or booking turned out to be non-existent.

    Skyscanner has blacklisted many agents based on customer complaints but by no means it will return the money.


    1. Does Skyscanner give the cheapest tickets?

    Each online providers have a particular day when its tickets are cheapest. 

    2. Can I use Skyscanner in India?

    Yes, Skyscanner is available for India, you need to browse to You can apply all the techniques shared in this post to get cheap air tickets in India.

    3. Is Skyscanner reliable?

    Yes, it is. It scans multiple service providers and displays the results.

    Actual booking is done on the provider's website, it could be another Online booking agent link Expedia, etc, or an Airline like United.

    After booking, full responsibility is of the provider. Skyscanner does not take any responsibility.

    If you understand that Skyscanner is just a "Cheap flight search engine" and not the booking agent, your answer to the question "is Skyscanner reliable" will be a definite Yes.

    4. Is Skyscanner best for flights?

    It is one of the best for getting cheap flight tickets. Having said that, there are days when tickets are cheaper on other websites.

    5. How is Skyscanner cheaper than Airlines?

    Skyscanner searches multiple providers and displays the results. 

    Airlines do offer some cheap tickets to aggregators as part of their business arrangement. 

    Aggregators pass on part of the discount to the customers making the tickets cheaper than Airlines.

    6. Is it Ok to book through Skyscanner?

    Skyscanner connects to the actual service providers and does not take any booking on itself. 

    So when you search Skyscanner and click on the book, you are actually taken to the provider's website and then all the responsibilities are of that provider.

    7. What is the Difference between Skyscanner and other platforms?

    Most of the Online booking platforms scan through the actual service providers but Skyscanner scans through the actual service providers along with other Online booking platforms to bring you the best deal.

    8. Is Skyscanner legit?

    Skyscanner has been around for a very long time now. Whatever transactions you do, it's with the booking agents or actual service provider.

    It's like you Google to buy something and but it from one of the results. If the stuff you bought turns out bad, do you blame Google or the seller?

    Similarly, Skyscanner is a flight search engine & is trustworthy and legit.

    9. or

    Both are valid and legit sites. is for the US but if you try to open it from the UK, you will be re-directed to

    You may want to check this video to get another perspective


    Sky scanner is one of the online platforms that can get you the cheapest flight. Hope you were able to get one. 

    My Verdict: Sky scanner is a legit flight search engine. Hope you liked this review and hacks helped you to get cheap flights, hotels.

    Do read 5 Hacks to Get Dirt cheap Airline Tickets in case you did not find the tickets as per your liking.

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