Priceline Name Your Own Price Hotel Flights [2021]

Priceline Name your own price is no longer available for Priceline. Name your own price is being replaced by 
Priceline Express Deals, Pricebreakers, and VIP Program.

With these tools, you will get the best rates and assured Hotel room, unlike bidding where you may have ended up without a room if the bidding did not get accepted.

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Bid your price on Priceline was stopped for its Flights in the year 2016, and in the year 2018, it withdrew it from Car rentals as well.
For some time it continued with Hotels but now that link is not available on

Death of's Name your own price started its business with Name your own price and it was the only option to book a flight.

You would have just selected your date and the price of airfare you are willing to pay and wait for Priceline to approve or reject the bid.

The name of the airline was revealed only after the bid went through. Needless to say, it was non-refundable.

The phased manner in which Name your own price was withdrawn, it seemed like Priceline was testing its waters before completely taking it off the grid

Name your price promotions stopped

Even though initially Priceline was sticking to continue the Name your own price for hotels, it actually stopped promoting this bidding option and the writing o the wall was very clear... Start using Priceline Express Deals!

Advantages/disadvantages of Priceline Name Your Own Price

# Advantages Disadvantages
1 You could have got a very competitive rate You may end up with no Hotel room/flight/Car
2 Fun for risk takers Horror for safe players
3 Seasoned Priceline users mastered the art of bidding Noobies found it terrible
4 Was around for approx 20years It outlived its utility as consumers were looking for instant results.
5 Brought Priceline to the forefront of Online bookings People are looking for Last minute deals

Name your own price was also popularly known as:

1. Name your price

2. Pick your price

3. Bidding tool

4. Bid on Priceline

5. Name your price hotel

6. Name your own price hotel

7. Name your own price Flights

8. Priceline bidding flights

9. Priceline bidding car rental

10. Priceline Make Your Own Price

Priceline Negotiator Video

Do watch this funny video on Priceline Negotiator

How to Name Your Own Price on Priceline?

Still interested in knowing how the bidding worked on Priceline? Watch this video


1. What is Priceline Name Your Own Price?

Priceline NYOP was a bidding facility provided by Priceline where you could bid on a hotel or car rental or flight. If your bid is successful, you would get the hotel's name and address, not before that.

2. Priceline Name Your Own Price hotel

In this, you would bid on a hotel based on the star rating, area. You would not know which hotel you will land in till the time your bid is a success. All the bookings are final, no cancellations!

3. Priceline Name Your Own Price for flights

You were able to place your bid based on date and Origin-Destination without knowing which airline you will get and what will be flight time till the time your bid is successful.

4.Priceline Name Your Own Price car rental

This may get your best rate but most of the time you may find yourself without a ride as your bid did not go through!!

5. Does Priceline still have name for your own price for Hotel?

No, this bidding facility has been removed from all offerings from Priceline.

6. Priceline Name Your Own Price cancellation

Booking under this tool was final, no cancellations allowed.

7. What are the alternatives to Name your own price?

Priceline is promoting Pricebreaker, Express deals, and VIP membership now and has stopped Name Your own price.

8. What happened to Name your own price on Priceline?

Priceline has moved out of this bidding tool and does not support it anymore.

9. Is Priceline Name your own price legit?

Bidding on a hotel room or any other service is legit. Priceline promoted it previously.

Priceline Name Your Own Price Vs Express Deals

NYOP was a bidding tool where you could have placed your bid but Express deals already have a price mentioned.

In both the cases, Hotel's name is revealed after the payment is done and both are nonrefundable.

If you are still interested in knowing about Name Your Own Price, there are many reviews available. I did not want to write one as it's no longer available. Do read the NYOP review

Some people found Name your price exciting, some found themselves in a bad situation with this tool. Anyway, Priceline name your own price is not available with Priceline now, end of the topic 😀

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