Priceline Promo Codes | Priceline coupon codes [Sept 2022]

Priceline Promo codes for more discounts!! 

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    Want to get your own coupon codes? Need other options to save money while traveling? Keep on reading...


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    Priceline is one of the popular Online Travel Booking platforms where you can book your hotels, flights, car rental, cruise, bundle deal...

    It offers many tools that can get you discounted rates. 

    How to get Priceline Coupon codes 2022?

    Try one of these and you will definitely get a good deal

    1. Create an account with Priceline 

    You will get promo coupon codes in your emails.

    2. Get a Coupon code from a third party

    3. Pricebreaker: 

    You will get a good hotel at a discounted price, the only catch is Hotel Name will be revealed after you have done the payment.

    Note: This is available only for hotel bookings and is optimized for web users. Its mobile app was not very intuitive at the time of writing this post.

    4. Express Deals

    This is available on Hotels, Car rental, and all other services provided by Priceline.

    The catch here is again you will come to know about the provider after making the payment.

    So how is this different from Pricebreker? Unlike Pricebreaker, the Express deals for hotels show you the radius of the area where you will get a hotel. 

    So you don't know any hotel name, just the radius in which this hotel will be located!

    5. Priceline VIP: 

    This is the Priceline loyalty program and is the latest offer from Priceline. It's free to enroll in and you get the best rate without any search!!

    6. Priceline Tonight Only Deals: 

    In case you are in a new city without prior booking or suddenly need a bed to crash on for the night, Priceline Tonight Only Deals may save you a lot of money.

    It's available only on the iPhone Priceline app and for US numbers only.

    Bonus Tip on getting Priceline Coupons:

    A very simple but effective hack is to log in to Priceline and browse through the deals you need in the next couple of days and then log off without booking.

    You will see additional coupons from Priceline in your email!! 😀


    1. Does Priceline have promo codes?

    Yes, Priceline gives out promo codes on your registered email if you searched for something but did not book it.

    2. How to use promo code on Priceline?

    While booking with Priceline, check for "Have a coupon code?" on the payments screen.

    In case it's not there, it means Priceline is not giving additional discounts on that service.

    3. Does Priceline give AAA discount?

    While you may get discounts on your insurance with AAA, Priceline as such does not give any additional discount for AAA members.

    Other coupon options on Hotels
    Read for Priceline alternatives

    You can get your own coupon code or promo codes once you create an account with Priceline and can avoid getting frustrated with expired coupon codes.

    Do comment if these hacks helped you get cheap hotels or the best rate on car rental.

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