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Made travel plans at the last moment? Check the lowest rates on hotels under "Last minute deals for tomorrow"

Hotwire Hotel revealed

Wear  your detective hat and Check this video out to guess Hotwire Hotel

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Hope this video helps you get your next cheapest car rental.

Hotwire Ratings:

Following are the rating given by various agencies for your reference



1. Is Hotwire legit?

Hotwire has been around for quite some time now. It is a legit business. Maybe the question about its legitimacy is popping up due to the cheap rates it gives or sometimes people landed in not-so-good hotels after booking from Hotwire.

Hotwire is just the facilitator and you need to check the ratings of hotels before booking it.

2. Is Hotwire cheaper than last minute?

May or may not be. Anyway, the difference will not be very significant. If you are already at the destination without a hotel, the last minute is the best way to get the cheapest rate. If you have some days to plan, go for Hotwire hot deals.

3. Priceline or Hotwire, which one is better?

Hotwire quotes only for 4-star hotels whereas Priceline also has 5-star hotels.

If you are fine with ruling out 5-star hotels, You may get a notch better rates on Hotwire as compared to Priceline but at days Priceline rates may be better.

So you will never get a "Yes" or "No" for an answer, it always will be "It depends" 😀


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