Priceline Express Deals Flights Hotels Car Rental Revealed [2021]

Priceline Express Deals Revealed, Save Upto 60% on Hotel, Flights and Car rental

Priceline Express Deals is one of the best tools to get cheap Hotels and the lowest airfare if you missed booking it months in advance. Do note that this offer is available only if your travel dates are within 15 days of booking.

Express Deals are peculiar in the sense it reveals the actual flight/Hotel details only after you have made the payment.

In this post, I have done Priceline Express Deals Review and have also shared a hack to reveal the Priceline Express Deals, if you are very particular about the name of Hotel/Flight you will get.

    Priceline Express Deals Ratings

    It's always a good idea to check what other travelers feel about Priceline before going for it to avoid surprises later.

    Here are few trusted third-party ratings and ReviewBlogTravel's rating to help you make a decision.


    Priceline Express Deals Review- Car Rental, Hotel Booking, Flight Booking

    In this review, you will get hacks to book a cheap hotel room, cheap flights, and cheap car rental.

    The trick revealing Priceline Express Deal Hotel and Flights is also shared.

    What is Priceline Express Deal?

    Priceline Express Deals are discounts from Priceline available around 15 days before your travel/stay. These deals help you save on the Hotel room and flight tickets

    If you missed planning your travel in advance, this tool is your money saver.

    Anyone who uses Priceline must be aware of its Express Deals tool. It has been around for some time now. 

    For someone new, as soon as you press that search button after entering your travel city and dates, you will see a button glaring at you asking you to click on it, that button's name is Express Deals.

    This option is visible only if it's applicable to your search. For example, I did not see this option for my search that was more than  15 days in advance (for a hotel stay or flight bookings).

    For car rental, it was available for some service providers only.

    There is one catch, the name of your actual flight or hotel is revealed only after making payment and all bookings are non-refundable!

    Sometimes it's also called Priceline Random hotel due to the nature of this deal.

    Keep on reading for details and hack to find out Priceline's secret hotel/flight

    What is Priceline?

    Priceline is an Online booking site (both web and mobile app) to get discounts on flights, hotels stay, car rentals, and cruises. 

    Searching for deals for saving money on your hotel, flights, car rental, or cruise bookings, you are in the right place.

    Here is a list of all the Services provided by Priceline

    How much can I save by using Priceline Express Deals?

    On the Priceline website, the savings listed for Express deals is around 30-60%

    Are Priceline Express Deals Legit?

    Priceline has been around for a long time now & is registered in the US stock market as well. 

    All aggregator/broker sites offer some tools to help their customers get a great deal while making money for the business. 

    Express Deal is one such tool from Priceline and Is very much legit.

    I myself have used it many times, used my credit card to make payments, and never faced any issues.

    My verdict, Express Deals from Priceline are legit and a great way to save money.

    How do Priceline Express Deals work?

    Priceline is an aggregator business, it does not have its own hotel rooms or flights, or car rentals but it "scrubs" through all the providers and helps them sell on the unsold inventory.

    Express deals from Priceline are available only on the bookings that are within 1-2 weeks, which may be classified under "late booking". 

    Providers who are not able to book their rooms/flights/cars make it available to Priceline at a cheaper price.

    With Priceline Express, Priceline offers discounts to its customer while making a profit for itself.

    It's a win-win situation for all!!

    Hack to find Priceline Express Deal Hotels, Flights Before Booking

    If you really want to guess which Hotel or Flight you will actually get before making the payment, you will have to do some detective work!

    I have shared details in both the Hotel booking and Flight booking sections below, depending on which one you are interested in, you can read.

    Priceline Express Deals Hotels

    How to Get Priceline Express Deals on Hotel Rooms?

    Select the location where you need a hotel, enter dates and click on "Find Your Hotel".


    It will display various options, look for the one with Express Deal written on it.


    Click on "View Map" to see the approximate location of the hotel (remember the catch part mentioned in the beginning!).


    You can also click on the Details tab on the ribbon that comes up after clicking View Map to see the brand of hotels that Priceline provides.


    Once satisfied, click on the "Choose" button.

    On the right-hand side, you can see a box showing how much you saved.


    Check other details on the page like Guest Rating, Amenities, About the hotel, etc.

    Once satisfied, click on Book

    It will display a view of your selection, rate, amenities.
    Scroll down and enter your details, Enter your payment method


    Fill in your Billing details


    and click on Complete Booking.

    Once payment is through, you will get to know which hotel you will be staying in.

    You will also get an email confirming your booking and other details.

    Note: In one of the motels, I was asked to pay around $10 at the counter, the lady mentioned it's the tax that Priceline does not collect.

    It happened only once out of many but I thought you may also find yourself in this situation.

    How to reveal Priceline Express Deals Hotel Before Booking? 

    You can do some detective work and guess which hotel you may get. 

    I will suggest, do this only if you are not in a hurry as revealing Priceline express deal hotels' names before booking can be a time taking process.

    So you got your Priceline Express Deals offer by following the steps mentioned above, now to guess which hotel it will be

    First, open Open Priceline on a different browser or incognito mode.

    Now apply all the features/facilities as per your Express deal hotel in the new search.

    For Eg:
    1. Originally priced at   $127, you get it for $99
    2.  Neighborhood location
    3. 4 Star hotel
    4. 214 customers shared review
    5. Customer rating of 4+ out of 5
    6. The room includes 2 queen-size bed
    By doing this, 95% of the time you will be able to guess your Hotel, if not here are few additional steps

    Check if the Original price is just off by few dollars like instead of $127, your second search shows $130. If others are prices much higher, you have a winner here.

    Check on the Hotel Brands mentioned in your Expres Deal and zero down on it.

    Compare the descriptions of the two hotels, it will be very similar

    Compare the Top Amenities list and now you should definitely have a match!!

    Watch this video for details on revealing Priceline Express Deal Hotel.

    "What's in a name"- if you believe in it, then no problem- go ahead and take the deal and enjoy your sleep.

    But if you are name and brand savvy, then do the detective work else check out Priceline Pricebreakers, another great tool from Priceline that gives you the name and location of 3 hotels upfront and you will get one of it.

    Priceline Express Hotel Promo Code

    Save some more $$ by applying the promo code. 

    You can get a promo code in email by creating an account with Priceline.

    Read hacks to save some more dollars on hotel booking - Get Promo codes from Priceline

    I use Priceline Express deals only if I do not get time to plan months in advance. I have booked motels multiple times and every time I was happy with the rate offered.

    Priceline Express Deals Flights

    Step by step process to get Express Deals Flights

    Express deals are available only if your travel date is within 15 days.

    Follow these simple steps:

    1. Browse to

    2. Select Origin and Destination.

    3. Select dates (starting date should be within 15 days from the day of booking.


    4. Click on the Find Your Flight button.

    5. Look for the "Express Deal" written on the displayed flight options.


    6. You can see the price difference on the screen above. 

    Note: Did you observe the Express deal option has multiple airlines mentioned and instead of exact takeoff time, it says "Morning Takeoff". I will explain this later.

    7. Click on the Express Deal option.

    8. It may display more Express Deal option


    9. If you like any of the new options, select it else click on Continue to Checkout.

    10. It will display your trip summary


    11. After verifying your summary, click on Continue Checkout.

    12. Enter Passenger details


    13. Select Payment method and Billing details



    15. Click on Continue and once payment is done, you will receive a confirmation popup as well as an email.

    This is when you will come to know you got which flight and what time your flight starts!!

    Enjoy your discounted flight!!

    Guessing Express Deal flight

    Now to solve the mystery of multiple air carriers and no exact flight time we saw at the time of booking.

    This is a unique feature of Priceline Express Deals, you will come to know the exact flight and time only after you have done the payment!!

    You can try guessing which flight you may get if you are really particular about traveling only specific flights or want to avoid a particular time.

    Steps to reveal Priceline Express Deals flights

    1. Note which flight options are available in your Express deal.
    2. Open Priceline on a different browser or incognito mode and filter on these flights.
    3. Check the facilities mentioned in your Express deal and filter these out in your incognito Priceline screen.
    4. Check for more details and try to guess!!

    Still not able to guess? Change your thinking hat or why bother? Just enjoy the discounts!!

    Do watch this video for one more perspective on Priceline Express Deal Flights

    Priceline Express Deals car rental

    Note: Of late express deals on car rental is not being displayed on Priceline. There is no official communication though, but Priceline no longer seems to offer Express deals on car rental.
    Follow these simple steps to get a car rental Express deal:

    1. Navigate to

    2. Click on the Cars tab

    3. Enter location and dates and click on the Find Your Car button (dates should be within 15 days to get Express Deal)

    4. Select the "Return car to a different location" check box if you will be dropping the car at another location.

    5. Browse the options and look for an Express deal. You may get one of the rental car brands, the name will be displayed only after making payment.


    In case you are not able to find the Express Deal, you may get the lowest rate by clicking on the "Rental Car Sale" banner as shown below

    6. Click on Choose button and check the "Summary of Charges"

    7. Enter Contact information, Driver information, etc and click on "Reserve My Rental car"

    8. The due will be charged at the time of Pickup.

    Enjoy your ride!!

    Note: Insurance will be extra. Either use your existing driver insurance (if allowed) or buy new for the number of days you are booking the car.

    250x300 Get Quote

    Priceline car rental phone number

    You can connect with Priceline to resolve any query on its car rental phone number: 877-477-5807

    Not in the US, check Priceline Customer Care numbers

    I suggest using other online tools if you do not want to be on hold for a very long time!:

     Chatbot: Go to Priceline contact page and search for chat option
     Text: 33296 is where you can text Priceline

    Do Priceline Express Deals save money?

    Definitely, you do get a discount as compared to other options. 

    In fact, how much you have saved is displayed at the time of the search itself. This is the power of aggregation. 

    Priceline Car Rental Bid

    Priceline has canceled the bidding options. The bidding tool was called Name Your Price, You can no longer use it.

    How long do Priceline Express deals last?

    Express deals on Priceline are always available, it is not one time or seasonal deal. Priceline applies this deal to your applicable search

    Priceline Express deals cancellation policy

    You can cancel your Priceline Express deals booking and get a refund if you
    1. Selected cancellation option at the time of booking (this in not an option for Express Deals)

    2. Insured your travel/Trip protection by paying extra

    Do not expect a refund if your booking was done using Express Deals or PriceBreaker unless you bought Trip protection by paying extra.

    Pros and Cons of Priceline Express Deals

    With every discount comes a hidden cost, it may not be in terms of $$ but could be in terms of comfort, fear of the unknown or anything else.

    Here is the list of Pros and Cons for Express Deals

    # Pros Cons
    1 All legit deals Details are revealed after making the payment
    2 Saves up to 60% Non-refundable*
    3 Has a good number of service providers. Expect odd times of flights
    4 Covers all major destinations May have long layovers
    5 Earn Priceline reward points Not recommended for people who do not like unknowns.
    * You can buy third-party travel protection. Do read their terms and conditionals carefully.

    Tips for booking travel on Priceline

    Priceline offers a range of options that can get you cheap hotel rooms and cheap flights.

    Following are few tips for you to get the best out of Priceline:

    1. In case you are booking hotels 2-3 months in advance, go with Priceline Pricebreaker

    2. If booking 15 days in advance, Priceline Express Deals will give you the best deals on Hotel and Flight.

    3. In case you don't want to bother yourself with the date and time of booking, Priceline VIP will give you the best deal available on Priceline.

    4. Found yourself on road with no hotel rooms booked? Priceline Tonight Only Deal is just for situations like this.

    5. Something messed up with your booking or need some information, Priceline Customer Service will take care of it.

    Priceline Express Deals FAQ's

    1. Are Priceline Express deals refundable?

    A. No, it's not unless you have opted for it during booking.
    If you are not sure about your travel, better get travel insurance, and depending on the terms and conditions of the insurance, you may raise a claim.

    2. Are Priceline Express deals good?

    A. Yes, express deals are good. I have used it multiple times and found it worth a try. 

    3. Can you cancel Priceline Express deal flight?

    A. No, Express deals cannot be canceled.

    4. Priceline Express Deal coupon| Promo codes

    Need to save more money on Express Deal? 
    There are ways to get Priceline coupons delivered to your mailbox.

    Apart from Priceline, there are third-party coupon sites that offer coupons.


    Priceline Express Deals are legit & effective, just avoid the long weekends or special days like Valentine's and you should be good with the huge discount this deal gives you.

    Also do not expect a refund from Priceline as no one gives a refund on deals.

    If you are very particular about Hotel names and do not trust the steps that get Priceline express deals revealed, try out Priceline Pricebreakers.

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