Megabus Deals|How To Get MegaBus $1 tickets[2021]

Steps to get Megabus tickets for a dollar

  1. Browse to
  2. Navigate to Farefinder and click on "Find Tickets"
  3. Enter Origin and destination.
  4. Click on Months to see on which date 1Dollar tickets are available
  5. Go ahead and book it if the dates are as per your liking
  6. The same steps can be followed on UK and CA sites to get 1pound/1 Canada dollar tickets. Need details, keep on reading...
Do read Megabus review to know what to expect during the travel.
    Looking for cheap MegaBus tickets? Well, you are in luck.


    How to get Megabus 1dollar tickets?

    To get $1 Megabus tickets
      1. Browse to
        2. Explore->Fare Finder


        3. Click on the button "Find Tickets"

        4. Enter an Origin and click Continue


        5. Select Weekend Trip


        6. For the number of travelers, select 1


        7. Option if you have a special need- As required


        8. Click on Months and see dates where a $1 or other cheap ticket is available.


        9. Go ahead and buy the ticket!!


        Megabus 1 dollar fares

        Who will mind getting cheap bus tickets and knowing a way which guarantees this 1 dollar deal is completely out of this world...

        Well, I know it and I got it...I got this deal not once, but twice -from Memphis to Atlanta and back😁. 

        Enjoy your ride and Megabus $1 ticket!! 😊

        If you want to see the actual process before checking Fare Finder yourself, just watch the video below. 👍

        I not only got the cheap tickets but also enjoyed the very comfortable and pleasant journey!! Don't forget to read my review Megabus Travel with Family.

        Does Megabus have a low fare?

        Megabus is the king of low-fare tickets and I just love it for that. Not only it offers $1 tickets, but it also has few $3 or $5 tickets
        My Verdict- Megabus is comfortable, safe, and low in price.

        In some cases, you may not get a 1$ ticket but may land on $2 or $3 or even $10 tickets.. not a bad deal, right? 😉

        Megabus 0 dollar tickets

        I did not find this option, but I believe this is just clickbait but then I did get $1 tickets which is just a tag costlier than a $0 ticket, right?

        Megabus ticket prices:

        Megabus prices are lowest if you book months in advance. It may go up sharply as the demand increase.

        The Cheapest Megabus tickets are between $1-$3 and the costliest I saw is $65.

        You will notice, the ticket prices that started at $1, touch around $65 as well!

        Megabus $10 Tickets

        Depending on at what time you are trying to book Megabus tickets, you may get tickets anywhere in the range of $1 to $65!!

        Using the steps mentioned above, you will find many $10 options for various dates.

        You can get Metrolink $10 weekend pass and enjoy unlimited ride on Saturday or Sunday.


        1. Is Megabus really $1?

        Yes, Megabus offers few $1 tickets. Tax extra making the $1 ticket around $3!!

        2. Is there a Hack to get Megabus 1 dollar ticket?

        On the Megabus website, go to "fare finder". If you are not very particular about the date of travel, you will definitely get one dollar ticket using this hack.

        3. Is a $1 Megabus trip available only in a specific area?

        1dollar trip is available on all the routes of this bus service.

        4. Is a $1 Megabus ticket a limited-time offer?

        I had the same doubt when I first heard about it but on further digging, I found that Megabus offer cheap tickets if it's booked a couple of months in advance. 

        5. How much is Megabus ticket?

        You can get Megabus ticket from the range of $1 to $65. It all depends on at what point of time you buy it.

        I am able to get 1 dollar Megabus tickets every time, what about you? comment in the box below if you were able to get Megabus cheap bus tickets after reading this post!

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