GoPass San Francisco Explorer Review [2022]

GoPass San Francisco - Is it worth it?

Yes, Go San Francisco Pass will save a lot of money and time. Here is the hack

  1. Plan upfront
  2. Get an all-inclusive or Explorer pass
  3. Prioritize your attraction list
  4. Eat while on the move instead of eating in Restaurant
  5. Start Early
  6. Sounds interesting? Keep reading my experience to make your visit more comfortable. I have also shared a hack to get a discount!!

    Covid Warning: Many of the attractions are closed, check the latest on the website before booking the pass.

When we decided to visit SanFrancisco (SFO) for sightseeing, I did not want to drive in the crowded city which had hefty parking charges. Besides, I believe the journey is as important as the destination itself and what better way than use public transport to know the people of the city!!

I checked various options for a good deal and finalized Go San Francisco Pass.

    What is Go Pass San Francisco?

    Go San Francisco Pass, also called "Go Pass" is an admission ticket and pass that provides admission to 28+ attractions in SFO at a discounted rate. You not only save money but also skip ticket queues.

    How to get GoPass San Francisco?

    I placed an Online order for the pass and got it delivered to my email. You can get it shipped to your address as well but it may take 4 or more days to get delivered.

    Alert: Do not wait till the last moment to book tickets, it may take 1day to actually get the pass generated or you will have to do some aggressive follow-up with customer care to get it.

    I made the mistake of ordering it the night before the planned sightseeing and lost a couple of hours to get my e-ticket delivered to my mail, I could have covered additional attractions in that time.

    Citypass San Francisco Costco

    You can get this city pass from Costco as well, the price is the same but sometimes it's not available there.


    Types of Go Pass San Francisco

    Go SFO pass comes in three types:

    1. All-Inclusive Pass

    This pass offers unlimited admission to 25+ attractions over a span of 1,2,3 or 5 days.

    This is recommended for people who want to see maximum in minimum time and money.

    1 day will be too hectic so if you have time, go for 2 days pass for the maximum coverage

    Disadvantage: No matter how much you try, you may not be able to cover all 25+ attractions.

    2. Explorer Pass:

    This pass allows admission to 2,3,4 or 5 attractions from a selected list of around 25 spread over the period of 60 days.

    You can select this if you are planning to stay for long in SFO and want to visit specific attractions.

    Disadvantage: Maximum you can visit 5 attractions.

    3. Build your own pass:

    Select attractions that you want to visit and pay on a pro-rata basis. Visit these attractions over a period of 60 days.

    Opt for this if you plan to stay for a long time and want to visit a couple of attractions.

    Disadvantage: You will get a very little discount.

    How to use Go pass?

    Just show the downloaded pass at the first point, preferable Fisherman's wharf and they will give you a hard copy of your ticket.

    What all attractions are covered by San Francisco Go Pass?

    The pass covers 28+ attractions including HopOn HopOff bus which makes it very comfortable to visit the attractions.

    Attractions not covered by Go San Francisco Pass:

    The cable car which is a very prominent site in SFO is not included.

    The second attraction is the Alcatraz tour. The ferry ride to the island is part of the tour but to visit the jail from inside, you will have to buy a separate ticket. 

    What is the cost of Go San Francisco Pass:

    Register Online before booking your tickets and you may get an additional 5% discount.
    The cost of the ticket depends on the package you select- 1,2,3 and 5-day pass.

    Check the site for the latest ticket cost.

    Is the Go San Francisco Pass really worth it?

    My Verdict- Go San Francisco Pass or GoPass is really a money and time saver. To get the most out of it, plan ahead, start early and eat on the go. 

    I recommend the following based on my experience:
    Keep one thing in mind, no one will be able to cover all the attractions offered by the pass especially if you are opting for 1 or 2-day pass.

    So the long list is really attractive but practically speaking, its not possible to cover all the attractions in the given time.

    Still, I feel the pass is worth it for the following reasons:
    1. Discounted price for each attraction
    2. No queues
    3.Hop on hop off (HOHO) bus

    My list for the 1-day pass, you may have your own:
    1.California Academy
    2.Madame Tussauds
    3.Ripley Believe it or not
    4.Golden Gate Bay cruise
    5. Aquarium

    Keep sightseeing or Golden Gate halt for the second day as only HopOnHopOff (HOHO) bus is free the second day if you buy a 1-day pass.

    Fisher Man's wharf is free, so keep it out of your pass valid day or after hours.
    Do not waste much time eating, just grab a burger and move ahead as attractions to cover are too many.


    Go SFO Pass - who should not buy?

    If you want to take things slow, it may not be a good option. Once you buy a pass, the clock starts ticking in your mind (if you know what I am talking about 😀)

    Secondly, if you are on a super slim budget it will make sense to plan for free or less expensive attractions. eg: The Golden Gate bridge is what distinguishes SFO from other cities & it's free!!

    Similarly, Fisherman's wharf is also a nice walk.

    If you have visited a good science museum elsewhere, it's the same in SFO.

    The same goes with Ripply's and Madam Tussauds.

    Go Pass alternatives

    Of course, there is CityPass which has fewer options included. With Go Pass, unless you really hurry, you may not be able to visit more than 4 options.

    # GoPass CityPass
    Cost $55-$166 $76 (12+), $56
    #Attractions 28+ 4 out of 6
    Time Limit 1-5 days or 30 consecutive days 9 days
    Booking Online/Costco Online


    So is Go San Francisco Pass worth it, absolutely. Just do some planning beforehand to enjoy maximum attractions.

    Attractions start at 9AM so reach Fisherman's wharf early.

    Unless you plan only for a day in SFO, getting 2 days or 3days pass will make more sense. You will be able to cover more attractions by spending some more money.

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