Priceline Pricebreaker Hack To Get Cheap Hotels [2021]

Priceline Pricebreaker: Does it really work?

Yes, Pricebreaker does save money!!

Keep on reading to find how to get a Pricebreaker deal every time. As a bonus tip, I have shared hacks to get more discounts on top of Pricebreaker savings!! 

Also, I have written my personal experience in this post, it may help you plan your trip better.

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Priceline Pricebreaker- will it get me a better deal or is it just another marketing gimmick? This was the 1st question that popped in my mind when I saw it while booking a hotel room on Priceline

I was looking for saving some money on my hotel stay which took me to Priceline & Pricebreaker caught my eye. 

I felt like calling it "Priceline Deal breaker" after getting the amazing discount ☺

As per Dictionary, the meaning of the word "Pricebreaker" is a reduction in price, usually for bulk purchase

Keep on reading to get answers to all your questions in this Priceline Price-breaker Review.

Note: Do not confuse this with PriceBreaker ( which is a Singapore-based Travel company established in 1976.

There is another one which offers similar services but this post is about Priceline Pricebreaker.

    What is Priceline Pricebreaker?  

    Price breaker is a facility/tool provided in Priceline where it shows three different hotels along with its name, ratings, etc but at a reduced price. 

    The catch is which hotel you will get is not revealed until you book it!!

    Using this tool you can get a good hotel room at a cheap price.


    What is Priceline?

    Priceline is an online booking site (both web and mobile app) where you can book hotels room, cars, flights, etc at discounted rates.

    So if you are looking for saving money on your hotel, flights, car rental, or cruise bookings, you are in the right place.

    How much can I save by using Priceline Pricebreaker?

    The normal price of the stay was almost 60-80% higher than the one displayed in Pricebreaker. In fact, Priceline is advertising up to 50% off on their website!!

    Is there a catch?😖  Keep reading to find out...

    The hotel name will be disclosed only after making the payment...

    Logically, if there are different star hotels listed, you will get the least rated hotel but what if the hotels have the same star rating and all are equally good?🏨🏩

    😎Budget Travel Tip: Select the Pricebreaker option having similar star rating hotels and the same location.

    I gave it a try on my Atlanta trip. I was tracking Priceline for some time and the following are my learnings for you:

    Note: These tricks will not work if there is a long weekend or any special occasion. Also, rates are high for Friday, Saturday.

    How to get Pricebreaker deal:
    1. Open Priceline website (App is not very intuitive for this)
    2. Identify the city you want to stay in  and select dates
    3. On the second screen, click Pricebreakers to see all the options available.
    4. Select hotels with similar star ratings & location, yes there are a lot of combinations 👍
    5. Complete the process, you will get a confirmation of which hotel you got.

    Note: Taxes will be extra 😐

    Fun Fact: I found that the lowest possible price was available if you booked one week in advance, earlier bookings costs were higher.

    I got Hilton Atlanta downtown using this method and got a deal of $73 + taxes and fees.

    Fun Fact: I booked 8 days in advance and rates fell to $68 after a few days.

    Get deep discounts on top of Pricebreaker

    Yes, apart from Pricebreaker you can get additional discounts as well.
    1. Signup in Priceline and get coupons in your email
    2. Enroll in Priceline VIP and get the lowest possible price without even searching for it. Enrolling is free!!

    How does Priceline Pricebreaker work?

    Nowadays, every booking website uses machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to present great deals based on your search history.

    eg: If you visit a particular deal more than once, it understands that you may be interested in that kind of deal and pops up more similar deals.

    How to get the best deal every time?

    All the booking sites use cookies and similar methods to understand your browsing behavior and sometimes bump up the rates if it senses that you are about to go for a particular deal.

    To avoid technology take advantage of your online searches, always do your search in chrome incognito mode (open chrome, press ctrl+shift+n). This way browser does not store your history and every time it treats you as a new customer 😇

    Apply filters on Amenities to make sure irrespective of what hotel you get, you are comfortable.

    Fun Fact: Hilton website also offered a $68 rate one week in advance so if you want to earn Hilton points, you can try booking directly from Hilton.

    Fun Fact: I tried checking with a chatbot on the Hilton website about my booking but since this was a third-party booking, I was asked to speak with customer support.

    Being a Budget Travel buff, I tried booking another stay on the same day instead of recommended advance booking of 1 week and was unlucky 😓 as it was Valentine's week 💕. 

    I had some adventure even after having a confirmed booking. I will write about it in another post.

    Official check-in time is 3pm but Hilton will allow early check-in at no extra cost 👍. I checked in around 12PM.

    Fun Fact: Be prepared for long queues while check-in. 

    Hilton will hold $50 as a deposit in case of any damage. The rooms were super 😍, I got 2 king-size beds (need to select at the time of booking) with an excellent view. 

    The best thing I liked is, it is just a 10min walk from Centennial Olympic Park and Georgia Aquarium, CNN, Cocacola factory. 

    Fun Fact: Do check out Sky view, it's not amazing but you get a good view from the top. It cost $13.50 for adults.

    Is Priceline Pricebreaker legit?

    Yes, Priceline is very much legit and Pricebreaker deals help customers get some very good deals. I have been using Priceline for some time now and every time I made payments using a credit card. 

    So far I have not faced any fraud or did not feel that Priceline is not safe or not reliable.

    My verdict, Pricebreaker deals from Priceline are legit, reliable, and safe ways to save money. 

    Price breaker is the tool I use every time in case I have a week's time to book else for the last moment I rely on Priceline Express Deals Hotels.

    Pricebreaker Hotels

    Like other booking sites, Priceline lists all the Hotels catering to the need of each class. If you have not applied any filter, the search will show the most premium hotels to cheap motels.

    If you are traveling alone, you can experiment with cheaper hotels with good star ratings. Like every broker site, Pricebreaker Hotel shows the ratings and reviews of customers.

    In pricebreaker, you know upfront which hotel will be allocated (out of 3) to you unlike Express deals where the hotel name is not revealed till the time payment is done.

    Pricebreakers Vs Express Deals Vs VIP

    Pricebreakers and Express Deals have some similarities but they have a big difference as well. VIP is a completely different ball game.
    Pricebreaker Express Deals VIP
    3 Hotels are displayed with their names Hotel names are not displayed Cheapest rates are visible on top of Hotels
    You get one out of the three You get any Hotel within a specific radius You know which Hotel you will get
    Available for all date range Available only on bookings that are within 15 days Available for all dates
    It's a tool that gets you cheap hotels It's a tool that gets you cheap hotels if you are booking near the date of your travel Its a Free loyalty program
    Free Free Free

    Priceline Express Deals or Pricebreakers?

    If you are particular about the hotel brand, go for Priceline Pricebreakers else if you want to stay in proximity of your place of attraction, go for Priceline Express Deals.

    Secondly, if you are looking for a date exactly 5-6 days from your booking date, go for Pricebreaker, anything less go for Express.

    Pricebreaker promo code

    I did not find any option to enter a promo code. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will not need any promo code. These tools will get you a good bang for your money, do not waste time searching for a Pricebreaker promo code.

    Note: You can create an account in Priceline to get coupons by email.

    Pricebreaker cancellation policy

    While booking hotels, if you select the option of "Free Cancellation" you can use it but then it will bump up the price of your booking a bit.

    Do keep in mind that Priceline is an aggregator, it does not own its own hotels. So any cancellation/refunds actually depend on the cancellation/refund policy of the hotel you have booked.

    Also, since Pricebreaker is a discounted deal, the only option of getting refunds on canceling your booking is if you got trip insurance.

    For details, read: Priceline Cancellation Policy

    In case you qualify for a cancellation, here are the 3 ways you can cancel your Priceline booking

    Pricebreaker Phone number

    Priceline phone number is different for different countries. Check the required number for your respective regions and country.

    It does have 24x7, 7 days week support but then depending on what time you called, there could be long waiting periods.

     A better way will be to chat online on their Help page. The live chat option ensures that your query gets answered in a good time.

    Fun Fact: The Priceline Group (PCLN), has changed its name to Booking Holdings. It begins trading under its new ticker symbol, BKNG, next week. 

    The company is best known in the United States for Priceline, the popular reservation website for hotels, flights, and rental cars. 

    Click for details and current stock price.

    Priceline Pricebreaker FAQ's:

    1. What is Priceline Pricebreaker Hack?

    A. There is no hack, Pricebreaker is a tool provided by Priceline that anyone can use on its website.

    2. Are Priceline and Hotwire same?

    No, there are two different companies with similar business models.

    3. Priceline or Hotwire?

    You will find more options in Priceline as compared to Hotwire, otherwise, both are equally easy to use.

    4. Priceline or Skyscanner?

    Skyscanner is a flight, hotel search engine which will take you to the service provider's website for booking.

    Priceline will do the booking on its own site.

    If you do not use Pricebreaker, you may find great deals on Skyscanner, but before booking google about the provider if it sounds new to you.

    5.Priceline we pick 1 of these 3

    Pricebreaker may also be called as we pick 1 of these 3, though not an official name it means the Pricebreaker deal on Priceline.

    6.Does Pricebreaker provide free breakfast?

    Free breakfast is based on Hotels policy. Price breaker does not change it in any way. During covid, all the hotels have stopped breakfast


    Aptly named, Pricebreaker is a real price breaker...So does Pricebreaker save money? Is it the tool to get good hotels at a cheap price?  

    Yes, it is!!👍💖

    I got my stay at $73 when other sites and normal Priceline were displaying $150+. 
    So it was a "Priceline Deal breaker" for me!!

    Some may call it a Priceline Pricebreaker hack, I call it a tool available for all to get cheap hotels.

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